Paedo Britain! MI5 files show they knew all about Westminster child abuse… Leaving Neverland!

“When Margaret Thatcher told her cabinet to go out and fuck the miners… most went out and fucked minors”
Most of Thatcher’s cabinet where paedophiles! Peter Morrison, Leon Brittan, Lord McAlpine (who buried children alive), Sir Peter Hayman, William van Straubenzee… … erm Sir Jimmy Saville? :/
We don’t call it Paedo Britain for nothing do we!

Bunch of sick, depraved, sadistic child raping scum… just think if the IRA where parked two feet ahead, they would have wiped out the entire cabinet office with a single home made mortar! 🙂

Think… if the French weren’t a load of snitching Nazi collaborating bastards… the Stern Gang would have wiped out the British cabinet office in 47! 😀

Ex-MI5 chief’s ‘shock’ over quashing of abuse inquiry

Thatcher protected Tory MP suspected of abusing children, MI5 files reveal
Peter Morrison’s alleged ‘penchant for small boys’ was considered only in national security, not criminal terms, witness tells Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

MI5 did not tell police of minister’s ‘penchant for small boys’, inquiry hears
Security service lawyer says it ‘regrets’ claims against Peter Morrison were not investigated

MI5 files reveal Thatcher supported key ally over child sex abuse claims

MI5 ‘deeply regrets’ not telling police about child sex abuse claim against Tory MP who was knighted by Margaret Thatcher
Intelligence officer speaking anonymously to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse said it was only considered from a narrow security perspective
Two memos about Morrison were written by Eliza Manningham-Buller, who would later become head of MI5
They were shared with the head of MI5 and the Cabinet Office but not the police

Claims local media and political groups kept quiet over child sex abuse allegations and arrest of former Chester MP

UPDATE: Local MP Ian Lucas says he is ‘shocked’ at claims made in the evidence session, and says “I did not take part in a cover up and would never do so” – you can read his full statement here.
Original story below…
Claims have been made that Conservative and Labour groups in Chester worked together in the late 1980s to ensure an MP stood down rather than be revealed as a paedophile, with assertions that local media at the time knew of the allegations but also helped a ‘cover-up’.
The allegations discussed yesterday at the inquiry looking into allegations of child sexual abuse linked to Westminster centre around former Conservative MP for Chester Peter Morrison, who was also a well connected Parliamentary Private Secretary to the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and alleged Bryn Estyn ‘visitor’.
The serious and numerous child abuse allegations regarding Morrison are long documented with the new inquiry looking at a range of related issues as part of it’s scope, including who was aware of the involvement of people of public prominence associated with Westminster in the sexual abuse of children, and failed to take adequate steps to prevent any such abuse from occurring and/or took steps to prevent such abuse from being revealed.

The psychological reason why some can’t believe the evidence against George Pell and Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson: Expert on child sexual abuse shares thoughts on Leaving Neverland

Historically, as a society we have actually found it very difficult to believe allegations or to acknowledge possible signs that child sexual abuse is occurring. Several theoretical explanations have been offered for this including our need to believe in a just world where this kind of thing isn’t done by adults to children. Just world beliefs encourage us to conform to the rules and regulations of our communities since we believe that this will be rewarded with a safe and orderly existence for us and our families. So we find it difficult to comprehend that bad things happen to those who do not deserve it.


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