Mark Snow – Eaten By Light (The X-Files Soundtrack)

“Do I believe there’s a conspiracy to supress Randell Mills’ work? :/ … There seems to be concerted effort to dissuade people from looking onto it! 🙂 There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the patent applications. A hell of a lot is riding on this theory! $280 trillion, control of the planets energy market, exotic weaponry from a true  understanding of energy and the atom… dark matter…
Look at some of the people ‘taking an interest’…
High ranking CIA agents, including a former CIA Chief, US military generals… NASA, DoD, DoE… Lockheed Martin… … come on now boys! 😀

I know for God damn certain SIS and mincey little MI5 are doing everything they can to dissuade me… which is not a hell of a lot.

I know my people are… well… “eaten by the light” so to speak. 😉

2 thoughts on “Mark Snow – Eaten By Light (The X-Files Soundtrack)”

    1. Well… former CIA Chief Ambassador James Woolsey is public knowledge… BrLP do list their ‘advisors’… it’s been rumoured for over ten years as to who these people are…
      as for those who have taken an interest, there’s a good book called ‘Genius Inventor – The controversy of Randell Mills, Americas Newton, in historical context’ by Thomas Stolper (interesting background) who’s done his homework on the history of Mills, of BrLP and GUTCP/hydrino theory… the people who expressed interest (NASA, DoE, DoD) etc.


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