Israel, UK sign post-Brexit trade agreement… UK’s MI6 chief secretly visited Israel to discuss Iran nuclear activity: report (good week then!)

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Israel, UK sign post-Brexit trade agreement

The UK is Israel’s largest trading partner in Europe, and third largest worldwide.

Israel’s Minister of Economy Eli Cohen and UK Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox signed a trade and cooperation agreement between Israel and the UK last week. The agreement provides for continuity in trade relations between the two countries after Britain leaves the European Union, which is due to happen on March 29.
The announcement of the agreement said that “the fact that Secretary of State Fox came for the signing is testimony to the importance of commercial relations between the countries and the satisfaction in London at ever closer trading ties.” The British ambassador to Israel David Quarrey and the head of the foreign trade administration in the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry Ohad Cohen also took part in the signing ceremony.
The UK is Israel’s largest trading partner in Europe, and its third largest worldwide. Trade between the two countries was worth $11 billion in 2018, 15% more than in 2017.
“Relations between Britain and Israel are stronger than ever, with cooperation in trade and investment between the two countries at record levels,” said Fox. “The agreement signed today will enable British and Israeli businesses, exporters and consumers, to continue trading between them freely and with complete security as Britain prepares to leave the European Union. We expect trade and investment relations between the two countries to continue strengthening amid continued joint work in the future.”
“Britain is one of Israel’s largest and most important trading partners” Cohen said. “The fact that Israel is among the first countries with which Britain has reached understandings on a continuity agreement on trade after Brexit indicates the importance both countries ascribe to economic ties between them. The agreement signed today ensures that trade between the sides will continue to take place under the same conditions as today, and that the growth in trade and investment recorded in recent years will continue after Britain leaves the European Union.”
The agreement between Israel and the UK is based upon the existing infrastructure of agreements between Israel and the European Union. Its aim is to maintain continued certainty on both sides and to ensure that trade continues to take place on the same terms as it takes place today under Israel’s agreement with the European Union.

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UK’s MI6 chief secretly visited Israel to discuss Iran nuclear activity: report

‘Role’ of MI6 Chief job interview…
“Are you able to clap your hands?”

CONGRATULATIONS! You got the job! Now… first thing…

The head of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) reportedly visited Israel in secret this week to meet with his Israeli counterparts regarding possible Iranian breach of the 2015 nuclear deal through development of nuclear weapons.
Israel’s Channel 13 news reported on Friday night that MI16’s chief touched down in Israel on Monday.

He reportedly met with Mossad head Yossi Cohen as well as high ranking officials from other Israeli intelligence services.

According to the report, Israeli intelligence assesses Tehran is “making preparations” and “getting ready” for nuclear capabilities within the bounds of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA or Iran nuclear deal), but has purposefully avoided an official decision on furthering the process toward producing an actual bomb.
Iran “is gearing up for the renewal of uranium enrichment within the provisions of the deal,” as indicated by its resumption of centrifuge production, according to the report’s citing of Western intelligence sources.
The report further claimed that Tehran is “preparing the infrastructure” for nuclear activity “in an accelerated fashion.”
According to a British media report earlier this month, the Mossad recently worked in cooperation with MI6 and the US’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to smuggle a defecting Iranian nuclear scientist from Iran to the United Kingdom via a heavy-traffic migrant route used as cover for the surreptitious mission.
According to the Daily Mail report, the 47 year-old science technician reportedly helped to plan the assassination of the deputy director at Iran’s Natanz nuclear enrichment facility, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan. The man who has been memorialized as a “nuclear martyr” in Iran reportedly died in a car explosion in Tehran in 2012.
Tehran, however, has always denied it sought a nuclear weapon, insisting its atomic program is for civilian purposes and compliant with the resolution.

– Within the limits –
Earlier Friday, the latest report from the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna said Iran was still complying with the deal under which Tehran agreed to drastically scale back its nuclear program in return for sanctions relief from global powers.

Acting as the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the IAEA’s latest report showed that over the past three-month period, Iran’s stock of heavy water had risen from 122.8 to 124.8 metric tonnes and that it held 163.8kg of enriched uranium, up from 149.4kg in November.

Both levels are within the limits foreseen by the JCPOA.
Last week, European nations rejected a call from US Vice President Mike Pence to follow the US lead in withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear deal.
Israel has welcomed the US withdrawal from the deal, claiming that Iran is harboring secret atomic facilities, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying recently that Israeli forces have on “hundreds of occasions” attacked Iranian targets within Syria.

Without naming specific countries, in January IAEA chief Yukiya Amano rejected pressure on the agency, saying: “If our credibility is thrown into question, and, in particular, if attempts are made to micro-manage or put pressure on the Agency in nuclear verification, that is counter-productive and extremely harmful.”
In May, US President Donald Trump dramatically withdrew from the JCPOA. This was followed by sweeping new American sanctions on Iran in November.
Trump’s own intelligence chiefs have contradicted him over the question of Iran’s adherence to the deal.

Last month CIA Director Gina Haspel told a Senate hearing that Iran was “technically” in compliance with the JCPOA.
The European Union — along with the European signatories to the deal, collectively known as the E3 — have been scrambling to find ways to keep the deal alive, last month setting up a special payments vehicle to bypass US sanctions.
However, while Iran initially welcomed the creation of the vehicle — called INSTEX — as a “first step”, last week Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the mechanism “falls short of the commitments by the E3 to save the nuclear deal”.

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