Solving the worlds food crisis with cannibalism! (The Danny Hurley environmentally friendly ‘fat, stupid, white person diet’)

I have honestly responded to the question “Are you racist?”… with the reply “Yeah, against Fats”… usually met with a confused look on their face, and an excuse to leave.

You see… I view people such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Hannibal Lector as visionary eco warriors, who where way ahead of their time.
If people want to really solve the looming global food crisis, they should consider the brand new Danny Hurley environmentally friendly ‘fat, stupid, white person’ diet…


Kill, dismember and freeze (smoke, dry preserve is more eco friendly) the fattest, most stupid and environmentally ignorant person you can find! It is scientifically proven that the meat off an average 30 stone fat fuck, can provide enough protein, nutrition and sustenance for over a year… and you’ll be helping the environment in a huge way! 😀

If it takes off (I think it might in years to come), maybe we can globally breed and farm fat people for food… feed them pig feed and their own mothers breast milk until their fully grown…

Is It OK to Discriminate Against Obese People? (Psychology Today)


Is human meat Kosher?



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