Inside the Mossad (Netflix)

“secret services are the only real measure of a nations political health, the only real expression of its subconscious.” – John le Carre :/

So what are the first words you think of when it you say ‘Mossad’?… ruthless, efficient, calculated, mysterious, successful.

What are the first words that come to mind when you say ‘MI6’?… deranged, paedophilic, gang stalking, schizophrenic, creepy, ‘rapey’ :/ … failure!

… I rest my case! 😀

(I watch some of these gang stalkers drive up to my house, turn around and drive off as quick as possible, like they’ve just completed some top secret successful mission, and I think to myself… “another one just been blackmailed on child porn!”. The UK will soon just be a nation of blackmailed child porn addicts, driving round stalking each other!

I’m like, having blackmailed peadophiles pretending to stalk you is not very intimitading is it. A fantasy cult of made up bullshit?… … what is intimitading and quite scary is having the CIA plant bombs in your laptop as you’re due to fly halfway across the world! I think the Brits have invested so much time, energy and money into this fantasy world they’ve created for themselves, they are never going to even be able to backtrack on it!)


Inside the Mossad (Netflix)

For years the Mossad, Israel’s legendary foreign intelligence agency, has been sealed off to the media. Now, for the first time since its founding, a dozen of Mossad’s former spies give us a first-hand recount into their inner work and their moral dilemmas. Viewers are drawn into a personal account of the top-secret operations that have shaped Israel’s past and may yet shape its future.

Documentairetip: Inside the Mossad (Netflix)

Inside The Mossad

When Hero’s Fly was shit! It was. AN ABSOLUTE CROCK OF SHIT! It started off really good. I was hooked on it… but then it went really stupid and implausible, and had four ex IDF guys (with no jungle training I presume) running round the Columbian jungle in denim jeans, getting lost, then finding each other (and themselves), Columbian police don’t allow the female drug detective to join the raid, she’s like “I’m from Israel”… … well the ending was shit! (and it should have been Ayahuasca)

False Flag was superb! 😀 … waiting for Season 2!

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