Adolf Hitler’s SECRET agent? How CIA employee ‘helped harbour Nazi war criminals’

“Yes but the difference with the Soviets we imagine is… they took Nazis and tortured them in Siberian gulags… they didn’t elevate them to top positions CIA, or NASA, or Interpol, or the EU, or the European bank… sure as fuck didn’t hide them in South America.”

“Top Nazi scientists where taken over to the U.S during Operation Paperclip, went on to head NASA, some worked for the CIA directly. The financiers took off their uniforms and put on pin stripe suites and started the European Bank… some went on to set up the EU… some where running Interpol… … it looks like it wasn’t just Mengele and Eichmann in South America… BOREMANN AND FUCKING HITLER HIMSELF!
(Boremann’s body somehow magically turned up in Berlin… which meant high level cover up in Europe)

The Vatican, The Catholic Church and the Jesuit nonces can fuck off an’ all!
(people wonder why I went after Mossack!)

Adolf Hitler’s SECRET agent? How CIA employee ‘helped harbour Nazi war criminals’

THE CIA employed a high-ranking German official after World War 2 but he was also secretly protecting a number of Nazi war criminals at the same time, a documentary reveals.


Paul Dickopf served as an active officer in the SS during World War 2 but, despite his Nazi connections, after the war he served as the 4th president of the West German Federal Police force and was later elected president of Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organisation. Declassified files from the National Archives in Washington also revealed that Mr Dickopf received a number of payments from the CIA between 1965 and 1971 to monitor West German officials as Europe was grasped within the clutches of Cold War politics. He was able to successfully move on from his SS past despite his former Nazi connections being known throughout his post-war career.

However, after his death, it was revealed that Mr Dickopf had been using the Federal Police as a safe haven for former officials and continuing on Adolf Hitler’s legacy.
Amazon Prime’s “Nazis in the CIA” documentary reveals how Mr Dickopf kept up appearances.

The 2017 series detailed: “The [West] German Federal Police was run for six years by Paul Dickopf.
“A top civil servant, with a seemingly clean record, he claimed he opposed the Nazis.

“In 1968 he became head of Interpol – it was his job to fight crime on an international level.
Dickopf was not only a member of the SS and a Nazi spy but shortly before the end of the war, he switched sides to start working as an agent for the CIA – Nazis in the CIA

“He was held up as an example to all police in Germany.”
However, the series revealed how declassified CIA files reveal Mr Dickopf’s secrets.
It continued: “After Dickopf’s death in 1973, staff searching his files to compile his obituary made an astonishing find.
“They discovered documents showing Dickopf as a staunch Nazi.


“His lifelong lie finally comes to light.
“Dickopf was not only a member of the SS and a Nazi spy but shortly before the end of the war, he switched sides to start working as an agent for the CIA.
“Numerous declassified files can now give an insight into Caravel – Dickopf’s CIA code name.”
One note about Mr Dickopf by the head of the CIA read: ‘”Our relationship with Mr Dickopf is mainly of a secret nature, the official contacts being used as a cover-up for meetings.”


Mr Dickopf passed on to the CIA information on leading officials as well as on internal affairs of the BKA and other authorities.
However, under his leadership, some concepts of National Socialism were still upheld and practiced.
In the US, documents are given a declassified default of 10 years.
After 25 years, declassification review is automatic and there are only very rare exceptions for 50 years.

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