GUT-CP and Silicone Valley! :) … uhuh

“Fuck me… I feel more like Max Zorin than James Bond… … never mind eh. 😀  Yeah Silicone Valley… I imagine GUT-CP is going to shake things up a little bit! Already is from what I here 😀 … No more talk of quantum computing… Millsian Inc molecular modelling software… drug design, material science, chemical compounds, electron ‘orbitality’ (new term for ya!)… an energy source that can replace rocket fuel (and Elon Musk)… possibly the beginning of anti-gravity propulsion… 
Silicone Valley should really be getting to grips with this before the Chinese do! (and Israel! ;D)… reset Silicone Valley.

Silicon Valley around San Jose

I was suppose to go to Silicone Valley in 2017… but some knob clown in Washington placed me on a no-fly list into the U.S

Move Over, Coders—Physicists Will Soon Rule Silicon Valley
(silly article, for obvious reason to those familiar with GUT-CP and exactly what’s wrong with 21st century physics… interesting none the less)


System and Method of Computing and Rendering the Nature of Molecules,Molecular Ions, Compounds and Materials
“A method and system of physically solving the charge, mass, and current density functions of pharmaceuticals, allotropes of carbon, metals, silicon molecules, semiconductors, boron molecules, aluminum molecules, coordinate compounds, and organometallic molecules, and tin molecules, or any portion of these species using Maxwell’s equations and computing and rendering the physical nature of the chemical bond using the solutions.”

“A method and means to produce a force for propulsion comprises a source of electrons and a means to produce hyperbolic electrons; whereas, a gravitating body such as the Earth provides a repulsive fifth force on the hyperbolic electrons. Hyperbolic electrons are produced by elastically scattering the electrons of an electron beam from atoms or molecules at specific energies. The emerging beam of hyperbolic electrons experiences a fifth force away from the Earth, and the beam moves upward (away from the Earth). To use this invention for propulsion, the repulsive fifth force on the hyperbolic-electron beam is transferred to a negatively charged plate.”

Pro drugs for selective drug delivery 
Abstract: Prodrug compounds capable of permeating a desired biological compartment and releasing a biologically active molecule in active form to effect a therapeutic functional change in the compartment to which it is introduced.

Patents by Inventor Randell L. Mills

C’mon Woolsey! Get me away from these fucking whoppers in the UK! (it’s a failed state)… California, New York… you can babysit me for Lord Rothschild! 😀

Is that quote from Netanyahu true? You know… THAT quote! … I’d like to know. ;D

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