What do I think Sir Roger Penrose?… belongs in a care home?

“If SIR :/ Roger Penrose was sat in front of me? First I would ask him to stand up, and I would place a urine mat on the seat… just in case.
Second, I would ask him about his knighthood…
“You know Roger, the Queens knighthood list is looking ever more like a sex offenders register by the year”

Then I would lay out the basics of GUT-CP and Randell Mills… if he was too senile to understand or grasp it (which I suspect he probably is)… fuck off back to Oxbridge before I do you like Harold Shipman.

What was on he on about last year? CCC Theory? “conformal cyclic cosmology“… conformal alright! Conforming to the cult of Quantum Mechanics…
it made absolutely no sense… Penrose is fucking senile!

What’s the latest senile shit he’s sprouting off? Erebons? :/ Sounds like the name of sweet.

(“Roger look what I brought you, your favourite… look Erebons!… They weigh between 5 to 10 grams each, and that’s a big bag… so don’t eat them all at once… I’ll leave them with the nurse”)

“Nurse… if he mentions string theory again, it might be time to consider upping his medication again” 

Why we on about Penrose? :/

Dark Matter –“Emerged From an Eon Before the Big Bang” (Weekend Feature)

Oh fuck off… we’re busy trying to deal with reality over here!

1 thought on “What do I think Sir Roger Penrose?… belongs in a care home?”

  1. “Can we kindly ask you not to sneak in any more Erebons… the problem is he eats them all in one sitting and gets constipated. We then have to give him laxitives, and it’s not nice for the nurses”


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