Tech superstars are headed to Jerusalem, and here’s how to watch them live

“Aaaaaargh! 😥 I would have loved to have made my first trip to Jerusalem for this… but I have two Ayahuasca ceremonies on the 8th and 9th 😀 … I can make it in outer body!”

“‘Innovate or die?’ :/ What the hell does that even mean?”
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Tech superstars are headed to Jerusalem, and here’s how to watch them live

OurCrowd event is ‘part conference, part trade show and part circus.’

by Benyamin Cohen | Thursday, February 7, 2019
Eric Brand is juggling. In just a few weeks, he’s helping put on a conference in Israel for the high-tech industry. It will feature speakers from Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman to a former professional hockey player. It will highlight tech that can save lives, predict the weather and make driving safer. People from 90 different countries will be in attendance.
“I like to say that the summit is part conference, part trade show and part circus,” he said with a laugh, when we caught up with him during a brief break in preparations. Brand works for OurCrowd, a Jerusalem-based firm that has invested in nearly 200 startups. “I’m more like the architect of the summit. There’s an entire team here of very talented people who pull it all together. I’m just lucky to be in the center of all that.”

The packed auditorium at last year’s OurCrowd Summit. (Photo: Courtesy OurCrowd)

This will be the fifth year of the OurCrowd conference, and it has doubled in size each year. More than 10,000 people will gather at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem for the event. “Were going to be testing the limits of its capacity,” Brand said. For those who can’t make it to Israel, all the main sessions will be live-streamed and later archived online. “It’s kind of taken on a life of its own. It’s become an event for the entire tech ecosystem,” he said, adding that several tech companies have chosen to make major announcements and unveil new products at the summit, just like they do at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Hillel Fuld, a prominent startup advisor, attended last year’s event. “I haven’t seen a level of production like this anywhere outside of Silicon Valley,” he said. “This is remarkable.”

New robot technologies were featured heavily at last year’s event. (Photo: Courtesy OurCrowd)

While the summit itself takes place on one very long day, there are at least two dozen other related events that have cropped up for festival-goers to attend during the week – from networking meetups and tours of the city to startup accelerators and massive outdoor parties. The summit will also host an “Open Mic for Entrepreneurs,” providing a stage for startup hopefuls to win over an audience, and a chance for investors to get a first look at some potentially overlooked opportunities. Thousands of people will be coming from overseas for the summit.
“There’s a real fascination with Israel – both as the startup nation and also with the history and culture here,” Brand explained. “The interest in Israel in general, and our summit in particular, is really off the charts.”

‘Our event is the premier showcase of Israeli technology,’ said Jon Medved, the founder of OurCrowd. (Photo: Courtesy OurCrowd)

While Tel Aviv is usually viewed as the business center of Israel, the OurCrowd event is being held in Jerusalem to showcase that city’s high-tech bonafides as well. “We don’t make as much noise, perhaps, as Tel Aviv,” Jon Medved, the founder of OurCrowd, told us when we visited his Jerusalem office last year. “But Jerusalem now, is incredible. There are about 600 startups here. The ecosystem is dynamic. The largest, most successful startup of recent time, Mobileye, is a Jerusalem company … The Hebrew University is here, we have a spectacular incubator called Labs/02 who are setting out to invest in 100 new startups over the next 10 years. The Jerusalem scene is pretty exciting.”
So how will Brand relax after this year’s conference is over? “I wish I could tell you I would take a vacation, but our work won’t slow down for about a month after the summit,” he told us. “There’s so much followup to do.”
And then? “And then we start planning the next one.”

Dr. Kira Radinsky, Nuseir (Nas) Yassin Among Speakers At Upcoming OurCrowd Summit

By NoCamels Team

Renown scientist Dr. Kira Radinsky, the director of data science and Israel chief scientist for eBay, and Nuseir (Nas) Yassin, known as NAS Daily and one of the most successful content creators on social media (named by NoCamels among 16 most influential Israelis in 2018), are among the keynote speakers at the upcoming OurCrowd Global Investor Summit. The event is held annually by Israel’s most active venture investor and crowdfunding platform, OurCrowd.
OurCrowd announced its programming for the summit to be held on March 7, 2019 in Jerusalem under the theme “Startups: Making a Global Impact.” The agenda is set to highlight the power of Israeli breakthrough technologies that “make a real and lasting difference in the world,” the company said.

OurCrowd says it expects some 15,000 guests at the upcoming event.
“This year’s summit celebrates how in today’s globalized climate, startups are able to amplify their know-how to tackle the critical, complex challenges facing society,” said OurCrowd founder and CEO Jon Medved. “Our event is the premier showcase of Israeli technology, and a golden opportunity for investors looking to meet the very best that Startup Nation has to offer the world.”
Also among the keynote speakers are Professor Daniel Kahneman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist and author, who will speak on the behavior of impact entrepreneurs, Ron Fisher, the president of Softbank Holdings and vice chairman of Sprint, who will give a talk on how mature startups can solve global challenges, and David Bonderman, the founding partner of private equity firm TPG, who is set to explain why he created the largest impact fund in history.
Attendees are also set to hear from experts and industry professionals during a number of sessions and roundtables including those titled “The Great Tech Debates: Designer Babies, Big Brother, and the New Plagues,” a talk about the ramifications of genetic editing, governments addressing a robotic future, and whether manufactured medicines will save the human race or wipe it out; “The Cannabis Revolution: Saving Lives and Changing Society,” first-person accounts of the incredible ability of cannabinoids to replace addictive painkillers, address development delays alleviate PTSD symptoms, and more; “Hacked Cars, Stolen Identities, and Short-Circuited Pacemakers: Cybersecurity in a Connected World,” in which professionals from five key sectors present rapid-fire presentations on tech defenses that could make the difference between prosperity and failure, life and death; and “Two Truths and a Lie,” an interactive, entertaining game featuring five masters of the VC world, which will shed light on the mechanics and opportunities of investing through VC funds.
The event will also feature “OurCrowd University,” a three-part intensive course on the fundamentals of investing and building startups, and an exhibitor space where summit attendees can take a close look and personally experience some of the products and services.
For the second time, the summit will host the OurCrowd Maimonides Award for Lifetime Achievement in Science, Leadership and Menschlichkeit (properties that make a “mensch,” or person on integrity). This year, the prize will be presented to Professor Avraham Baniel, the inventor and co-founder behind Doux Matok, a leader in targeted delivery of flavor ingredients and nutrition.
OurCrowd operates a number of venture capital funds aimed at specific sectors, including cannabis tech, AI and robotics startups, and sports tech.
Its community consists of almost 30,000 registered investors from 150 countries, OurCrowd says.


OurCrowd, 7thirty set up $30 million fund to invest in cannabis tech
Based in Boulder, Colorado, fund will invest in startups dealing with cannabis technologies in Israel, US and Canada


OurCrowd, the Jerusalem-based crowdfunding venture capital, said it will invest and partner with US based 7thirty fund to set up a new $30 million global cannabis technology venture capital fund.
The new fund, which will be based in Boulder, Colorado, will focus on emerging cannabis technology companies in med-tech, ag-tech, retail, e-commerce, marketplaces, SaaS solutions, and the deep-tech research in cannabis. The fund will invest in Israel, Canada and the United States, OurCrowd said in a statement on Wedensday.

“The explosive growth of the legal and medical cannabis market is quite impressive. Canada recently legalized cannabis nationwide and Israel is in the final stages of legalizing cannabis export,” said Jon Medved, the CEO of OurCrowd in a statement. “The amount of serious medical research in cannabis is booming. This market will generate unprecedented global investment activity and returns for cannabis focused startups.”

The 7thirty Opportunity Fund is led by the Micah Tapman, an US early stage investor in cannabis technology. Prior to founding 7thirty, Micah was a co-founder at CanopyBoulder, where he led investments in over 90 cannabis related companies.

Israel is a “recognized leader and pioneer in cannabis technology,” said Tapman in the statement. Together with OurCrowd, he said, “we plan to bring a institutional discipline and rigor to the cannabis technology investment market.”
Israel is known as a pioneer in cannabis research. Hebrew University’s Prof. Raphael Mechoulam kick-started the field in 1964, when he discovered tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the main psychoactive constituent of cannabis.
As of end December, there were eight cannabis growing companies operating in Israel and several others involved in production, marketing and distribution.

OurCrowd has already invested in Israeli cannabis technology companies like Syqe Medical, the statement said.

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