Ladies… we will become the technological superpower of the world! Israel Innovation Authority sets up program to boost woman-led startups


“Israel will become the technological super power of the 21st century! Caught in the middle of a cold war between the U.S and China?… THAT’S AN OPPORTUNITY! 😀
… we can fuck the UK over big time because of Brexit
More Israeli women in technological start ups! (women serve in the IDF alongside men… Israel is a progressive society… most of it)
STEM education… starting in kindergarten!”

We can do this from Tel Aviv (of course)… globally we can also do it from New York! ;D


And I cannot stress enough the importance of GUT-CP!
THIS IS THE KEY TO BECOMING THE TECH SUPER POWER OF 21ST CENTURY! A multi-trillion dollar global industry, reshaping EVERY aspect of human civilisation!
(It’s Newtons Principia for the 21st century, the greatest scientific work in human history…)


Israel Innovation Authority sets up program to boost woman-led startups

Only 8% of Israeli startups are led by women; until now, women-led enterprises accounted for just 10% of total applications for early-stage funding received by the authority

The Israel Innovation Authority has set out to double the number of women entrepreneurs it backs over the next two years, and has approved an incentives program to provide increased support of startup initiatives led by women.
The aim of the decision is to make a “significant step” toward narrowing the gender gap and increasing the number of female entrepreneurs in the Israeli innovation ecosystem, the authority said in a statement.

Under the new plan, women-led start-ups — which means that women hold at least 33 percent ownership and a managerial or technological role in the company — will be eligible for research and development grants of up to 75% of the company’s R&D funding in the first year of the program, and 70% of funding in the second year, with a budget cap of up to NIS 2.5 million ($690,000) in the first year and NIS 4.5 million ($1.24 million) in the second year.

In addition to the grants, the Innovation Authority plans to set up a dedicated support program for women to enable them to access all of the tools that the authority makes available to fledgling entrepreneurs, including helping them overcome funding challenges and create networking opportunities with potential investors.

As Israel faces an annual shortage of some 15,000 skilled workers — engineers and programmers — the nation is tapping into populations, including women, Arab Israelis and ultra-Orthodox sectors, who have been left largely sidelined by the tech boom.
According to research cited by the authority, only 8% of Israeli startups are led by women — similar to much of the Western world. The percentage of applications submitted by female entrepreneurs in 2017-2018 to the Israel Innovation Authority’s Early Stage Incentive Program was about 10% of total applications.
“The designated incentive program for women-led ventures is a tool aimed at fulfilling the inherent potential for technological innovation in all segments of Israeli society,” the authority said in the statement.

The program is designed for early stage companies, and is similar to other programs the authority runs for other under-represented populations in the tech industry, such as those for the ultra-Orthodox or minorities.

2 thoughts on “Ladies… we will become the technological superpower of the world! Israel Innovation Authority sets up program to boost woman-led startups”

    1. Their ready to produce a commercially viable product… soon.

      What people have to understand is, BrLP have essentially developed a technology, based a new theory of physics… a new discovery in nature… whilst being side lined from the mainstream academic, side lined from the fringe ‘Cold Fusion’ crowd… this discovery and the product, it’s unprecedented in history (business, scientifically, socially)


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