Gang stalking of women in the UK


Most victims are actually female, young, single… usually ‘independent’ types.
(“The people getting targeted seem to be (single) woman”)

In the case of Libby Squire… no clues, no leads, disappeared without a trace (leaving her mobile phone at home)… in Hull.

Gang stalking is a big thing in Hull… I should know! I had a few dozen of them out stalking me last summer.

The people that do it often have criminal records for crimes such as rape, violent behaviour, indecent images of children… you have to be a pretty sick individual to be involved in this cult like psychopathic behaviour.

The police (who usually initiate this crime in many cases) must be considering this as a possibility.

It’s only a matter of time before gang stalkers branch off and start targeting, kidnapping and murdering young women… if they haven’t done so already.
It’s criminal stalking, and it escalates! If someone has been gang stalking an individual, then that person goes back to their home town… the gang stalker now has a taste for it, wants more, and it can and will escalate into something more sinister (Kidnap, rape, murder)

Is this the path the United Kingdom wants to go down? The UK police forces? Because this will backfire when women and children start disappearing without a trace!

In regards to the Libby Squire case… the police should be checking her internet history, social media, who she’s interacted with online, any evidence of online gang stalking.

gang stalking

1. What is gang stalking

Gang stalking is simply a form of community mobbing and organised stalking combined. Just like you have workplace mobbing, and online mobbing, which are both fully recognised as legitimate, this is the community form.
Gang stalking is organised harassment at it’s best. It the targeting of an individual for revenge, jealousy, sport, or to keep them quite, etc.

It’s organised, widespread, and growing. Some describe this form of harassment as, “A psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators.”

2. Who gets targeted

The people getting targeted seem to be (single) woman, minorities, outspoken individuals, whistle blowers, dissidents, people who have gone against large corporations, etc.

3. Goals of this hate campaign.

The goal is to sensitize the target to a stimuli, isolate the target, make them destitute. The secondary goals seem to be to make the target homeless, jobless, give them a breakdown, and the primary goals seems to be to drive the target to suicide.

4. Who gang stalks.

The surprising thing is that gang stalkers can be found in every level of society. There is no real age barrier, gender barrier, and a variety of races do participate. In almost every occupation in society you can find people who are going along with this.

Gang stalking for many is seen as a game, a sport to be played with another individuals life. Many do not understand or care that the end consequence of this game is to destroy a person.

5. Why they gang stalk.

“It is conceivable that the participants in the harassment don’t even know why the person has been targeted, nor would most of these individuals have any personal stake in harassing the victim.

– Gang stalking is an both an addictive behavior as well as a form of entertainment for the stalkers. There is a vicious kind of pleasure that they derive from bullying their victim. Clearly they like the feeling of being “in control”.

Like our society’s current obsession with “reality TV”, this activity must inevitably gain popularity as the ultimate experience of “reality” entertainment. To the perpetrators, their targets are merely their prey, in a game that never ends. But make no mistake, whatever the reasoning behind it, this is a vicious and calculated hate crime.”

-Others are blackmailed or forced into talking part in this activity.

-Others go along with it because they want to fit in and feel part of something that is large and powerful.

-Some are part of community groups who believe they are targeting an undesirable.

-Some are part of the informant groups within cities.

6. Methods used against targets.

a) Classical conditioning.

Getting a target sensitised to sounds, colors, patterns, actions. Eg. Red, white, yellow, strips, pens clicking, key jangling, coughing, sneezing, whistling, fingers snapping, clapping, etc.

b)24/7 Surveillance

This will involve following the target everywhere they go. Learning about the target. Where they shop, work, play, who their friends and family are. Getting close to the target, moving into the community or apartment where they live, across the street. Bugging targets phone, house, computer activity.

c) Isolation of target.

This is done via slander campaigns, and lies. Eg. Saying the target is a thief, into drugs, a prostitute, pedophile, crazy, in trouble for something, needs to be watched. False files will even be produced on the target, shown to neighbours, family, store keepers.

d) Noise and mimicking campaigns.

Disrupting the targets life, sleep with loud power tools, construction, stereos, doors slamming, etc. Talking in public about private things in the targets life. Mimicking actions of the target. Basically letting the target know that they are in the targets life. Daily interferences, nothing that would be too overt to the untrained eye, but psychologically degrading and damaging to the target over time.
Visit http://www.gangstalking.ca to see more details.

e) Every day life breaks and street theatre.

Flat tires, putting dirt on targets property. Mass strangers doing things in public to annoy targets. These strangers might get text messaged to be at a specific time and place, and perform a specific action. If might seem harmless to these strangers, but it could be causing great psychological trauma for the target. Eg. Blocking targets path, getting ahead of them in line, cutting or boxing them in on the road, saying or doing things to elicit a response from targets. Etc.

7. Where can you get help if you are a target?

Use these great links to learn more and to get help.

1. http://www.gangstalking.ca
2. http://catchcanada.org/
3. http://www.rich-essence.com

8. Gang stalking is an illegal form of harassment.

However when targets seek help they still get quite a bit of resistance. Some people in today’s society even try to pass gang stalking off as a form of paranoia, even though the meetings in Toronto are held out of the Toronto Rape Crisis Center and many woman’s support groups and crisis centers are now aware of gang stalking, and even training their workers to deal with this form of harassment.

In Korea the online version of this is well acknowledged and has even been written about in the International Herald Tribune.

Gang stalking has also been recognised by members of the mobbing community.
http://www.mobbing-usa.com & http://www.gangstalking.ca

The problem with gang stalking just like other urban slang is that it has not been normalised in society, and until it is people will continue to misunderstand this modern day reincarnation of several old time harassment’s.

Eg. Gang stalking is similar to what the KKK used against blacks in the south, what Hitlers Brown Shirts used against the Jews, and what the organised harassment the Stasi used against dissidents in East Germany.

It can be hoped that with enough education and understanding this issue will someday become normalised in society and that there will be enough understanding and support for targets.

11 thoughts on “Gang stalking of women in the UK”

    1. Sorry to hear that… Its happening across the UK, across the US, Canada… it’s most likely been going on since mid 90’s (it was derived from Nazi Germany and later East German Stasi)… I think it can only last another ten years (at the most) before it’s fully accepted public knowledge.

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  1. Yep, it is definitely happening in the UK. I am also being gang mobbed/stalked and I live in a small town in Dorset. Having this happen is traumatising so after a few weeks , and not being believed by my husband and son, I went to the police. The woman on the front desk would not allow me to speak to a police officer and she asked me if I was mentally ill. When I told her no, she then asked if I was on medication for a mental illness. I could see that I was wasting my time and walked out disgusted with the very people who are supposed to protect us. I do not who is behind this campaign or the reason why.


    1. The worse thing you can do is go to the police!
      I know exactly why I’m being stalked, pissing off MI5, and British Freemasonry… Went to Kazakhstan and took a huge shit on MI6 πŸ˜† …
      But what’s sad is the majority of victims (or ‘targeted individuals’, let’s not use the term ‘victim’) are women, who have no idea as to why this is happening to them.
      I suspect, many have turned down sexual advances from someone connected to Freemasonry (police officer? Corporate?), maybe they’ve rocked the boat at their workplace (NHS, social services?)… or they’ve researched something, someone doesn’t want them researching (political, Occult, ‘conspiracy’)… … Maybe they’re unlucky enough to have some deranged nutter stranger obsessed with them…
      Isn’t it the most bizarre thing anyone could engage in!
      My advice, go to self defence lessons (Krav Maga), show your not intimidated (these people are cowards, or they wouldn’t do what they do)… Keep a diary and document everything you can… CCTV your home, car dashboard and collect evidence…
      Also, I know peadophelia is often involved with these people… Keep an eye on your children, and educate them as to what’s going on, how to stay safe (might not even be a stranger)


    2. I know the feeling love I have been gang stalked for a good few years now. It’s got worse the police did the same to me asked if I was mentally ill even sent a psychiatrist . At this moment I am followed everywhere by a drone . and it is at the front of my home in the middle of nowhere . My horses have suffered the most as two have had to he put to sleep and one was left to bleed to death. I now suffer from tinnitus as a buzzing noise floats in and out depending on where I am at the time . There must be something can be done about iy


  2. The people that do this are the Pedophiles and Rapists who have formed a collective cult. They love to rationalize such behaviors. Any one who threatens this culture is targeted. They are not limited to a place of work, gender, university sect as they are all connected by this one sub cult, and it works in their favor to be as spread out as much as possible. They believe they are gaining god like powers while at the same time following orders from a God type figure . They believe they are enlightened by such behaviors. They believe it is all just a joke and you have a lack of humor. They are the type of same old bullies who live for the hype of being deemed popular. a typical School bully with too much time and money would be a fair description.

    You will likely be an individual who has no loyalty to a singular cult and they will deem this as you are a stray dog who is no match for their pack.
    The people with least rights in this country are those deemed as Mental. So… if you can create a legal diagnosis from the symptoms of unproven stress you have a scapegoat to do what ever you like to individuals and say “they just be crazy don’t listen to them.”

    Also, if you can get the target as a consequence on a substance this also tarnishes the validity of any statements made. Although a lot of participants themselves take drugs and are the types of people to pressure others into them to make them feel better about their sad state.
    And most important is that you are an experiment. They are studying response to every action they partake in for entertainment. Pushing buttons. Any one in a professional or studious position will say it is a valid experiment on the human pshyc. Just look at the social reaction people have to despicable shows that degrade human life on the t.v and internet even the news.

    These people are incredibly sad and usually pathetically grim to look at. The sort of people who still suck on their mum’s tit for milk. The sorts of people who have to go to these extreme lengths just to keep friends who are as empty as themselves. So just remember it could be worse. You could be them. And the lengths they go to would be way more exhausting than the pressures of being submitted to this vile behavior.
    Sadly rape and pedophilia is common place in this country and always has been meaning alot of these cunts are in powerful positions. They have even spread this sick mentality to other countries.

    They like to create extremist outbursts of violence so they can justify such actions. And sadly have succeeded in certain cases.
    They also hope you will write down thoughts in frustration- So they can again deem you mentally unfit or even better claim you are the mad cult member.
    Your own family will pitch in.
    You will be isolated.
    But it is surely better to be alone and right than it is to just go along with their shit for shits sake.
    Oh and be vigilant. They will try to set you up for their crimes. And be very careful of the intent behind media you watch or are suggested.

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    1. Try extreme outbursts of violence on me, and I will literally end their lives in ten seconds! πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
      … But yeah, the rest pretty much somes them up. My family are not a part of it. Jewish community and my self defence partners aren’t a part of it… It’s pretty much only white Brits (although it does spread when in another country sometimes… Fucking Kazakhs where a pain the arse… Peruvians are pretty cool)


      1. Total nightmare for me my family are part of it absolute hell! Every human right gone deprivation of liberty. Constantly monitored 24/7. It really is every breath I take literally. People abusing power.


      2. I don’t know what to suggest Maxine… I do t know you’re story, location (US from the use of word ‘liberty’?)… First thing is learn self defence… REAL SELF DEFENCE! It’s actually good fun, way to make friends and keep fit (buy a gun of American)… If it’s being organised low level, you could try moving? New area?
        Sometimes, for some people this doesn’t help… Which means it’s being organised at a national level (Government, intelligence agencies)
        If you feel your family are a part of it… Confront them! Head on… If you know they are a part of it, and they deny it… Their not your family hun!

        I’m male, 34, train in martial arts, served in French Foreign Legion… I have alot of Occult power, regarding alot of things… It means these people (and there’s alot!) have to become ever more deranged, and are digging themselves ever more deeper into their fantasy world, each and every day… … I think I’m actually collapsing British society as a whole! πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
        .. learn self defence. You’ll learn who’s a part of it and who’s not through experience and learning to read the signs… Don’t even bother with the police or any services (mental health etc)… You’re on own really… Which is a good thing!
        You know there’s other people out there experiencing the same thing.

        And take a look at the news. Who are the ones actually committing suicide? Celebrities! ‘Successful’ people with families and ‘friends’…. Ha!


  3. Is there anyone who can help me. I live in the middle of nowhere with my two children. I have been gang stalked for a few years.. they use drones and evidence of electronic weapons as they can be heard on my video recorder mainly directed at my horses ., one was left to bleed to death three weeks ago by a severe laceration to his leg down to a vein. There is a weird humming coming from the fell near to where II live . If I go outside a stupid bird calling starts which is carried over the fell . I just can’t move at all. I walked into by the house one night my daughter took a photo of an orange light in my back . Just don’t know what to do


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