“Daniel Hurley is nothing but a Zionist thug”

“I’m surprised at that fact as you are!” 🙂 “Hey… some Muslim Salafist secret societies believe I’m the actual Anti-Christ!” 😀

Like Lord Rothschild says
“We can be gentlemen or we can be monsters… it’s always entirely their choice”

There is not a single man in the United Kingdom of Great Britain that will dare stand up to me face to face!… they will rather engage in a fantasy cult of fucking La La Land make believe, than sit down face to face… and as the late Ariel Sharon said…
“Don’t worry about the American people. We the Jewish people control America and the Americans know it!”

WE WILL TAKE WHAT IS OURS! We will destroy anyone that gets in our way, and we will control the goy by any means necessary… they are lower than animals!

“By way of deception”… not to difficult considering you goy deceive yourselves!
(Quantum Physics! HA!)

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