Women’s Krav Maga… ‘Defend a woman once, defend her for the rest of your life… teach a woman to defend herself!’ :D

Fake ass feminists will come out with the argument ‘women should be able to dress and act how they want’, ‘should be able to get drunk and be able to walk home safely’… essentially ‘they shouldn’t have to learn how to defend themselves.’

In a perfect world yes… but we don’t live in a perfect world! (partly because of fake ass feminists)… We live in an extremely sick society that is morally degenerating at a rapid pace.
My saying is…
“Defend a woman once, you defend her for the rest of your life… but teach a woman how to defend herself, and she can safely go and do whatever she wants!” 😀

I’m a HUGE believer in women being able to defend themselves… being taught from a young age.
Grooming sex gangs, rapist police officers… domestic violence and stalking (including gang stalking)… robberies, knife crime…

I’m one of the guys that knows full well that Christopher Halliwell had a murder spree of over 30 years, and likely killed or raped up to 60 women before being caught… … the police are fucking useless ‘sometimes’ (not always, most of the time when a woman goes missing, they are incredibly thorough at investigating)… and it’s not so easy to get convictions for rape or stalking (especially against an ex partner)… and there’s been a number of recent cases of male police officers convicted of such crimes on ‘vulnerable’ women.
Whether it’s the dark net, a degenerative culture, political failure, whatever the sociological reasons… a lot more ‘men’ out there (term used loosely), are fucking weirdos, and are privately into some siiiiiick shit.

What I’m trying to get at is… women should learn Krav Maga! From a young age…
(‘What makes Krav Maga the most effective Self Defence in the world?’ ‘Developed by Israel… enough said’)

It’s not just self defence… it’s situational awareness. It can’t offer relationship advice… but avoiding certain situations, how to act, how to carry yourself, how to be aware of dangers, warning signs and body language… avoiding the situation where you would have to defend yourself BEFORE the situation arises… and if it does, how to fucking kill your attacker (or wound them and escape safely with your life is really the goal).

Women should be learning it…
And if your boyfriend or husband… ‘significant other’… doesn’t want you learning it… find yourself a new one!

Krav maga: Why women are taking on the brutal Israeli army self-defence technique

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Israeli Embassy Brings Krav Maga to Azerbaijan as Self-Defense Method for Women

This woman is fucking terrifying (but kinda hot)

And again… this girl is fucking brilliant! 😀

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