Curing cancer! And HIV, AIDS… and host of other diseases & viruses (The Great Mu-Ta-To!… Millsian Inc, Luminides)

“To be honest, I think most people now actaully enjoy watching people die of cancer! WELL THEY MUST DO! Why else would they ignore the already known cures for many cancers that the U.S has patented?
Take the Brits for example! 😀 I think they actually want at least one of their children to die of cancer, because they’ve seen it in their favourite soap, and think…
“Well I’ve never experienced that… let’s feed my child absolute shit and see what happens. If they develop cancer, I’ll ignore the cures!”

GO WATCH LORENZOS OIL YOU FUCKING LOSERS! (or read the book, if you are able to actually read)

Besides most humans are fucking cancer! (‘Be not a cancer upon the Earth’)

Anyhoo… regarding the Israeli story. This has been blown way out of proportion! (figures)… First, the guy has said he believes his idea for curing cancer (ALL cancers) could be developed within a year, IF he has the funding behind him. He understands that even then, he’s looking at another few years to get the drug on to market.
Second, some people are saying “Well, if he has found a cure, ‘Big Pharma’ will take him out” and “He better find protection”... HE’S ISRAELI! Residing in Israel… fuck off! 😀
(say no more on that one)

Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd.

When it comes to cancer, AIDS, pharmaceuticals, drug delivery (psychedelics! :D), genetics and DNA, we’re looking into Millsian, Inc and the future of molecular modelling 😉 We’re also looking into Mills’ previous work into Luminides (potential cure for cancer, HIV, AIDS etc. also)

Millsian, Inc., is the future of molecular modeling. Utilizing a new classical approach to solving atoms and molecules, our software will help researchers design the next generation of pharmaceuticals.


Company Overview
Millsian, Inc. is dedicated to developing the molecular modeling applications of The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics (GUT-CP), solving atomic and molecular structures by applying the classical laws of physics (Newton’s and Maxwell’s Laws) to the atomic scale.
The functional groups of all major classes of chemical bonding, including those involved in most organic molecules, have been solved exactly in closed-form solutions. By using these functional groups as building blocks, or independent units, a potentially infinite number of molecules can be solved. As a result, Millsian software can visualize the exact three-dimensional structure and calculate physical characteristics of almost any molecule of any length and complexity. While previous software based on traditional quantum methods resorted to approximations and required super computers for even simple systems, Millsian software requires no special expertise to solve complex proteins and DNA on a personal computer.
The Millsian competitive advantage includes rendering true molecular structures providing precise bonding characteristics, spatial and temporal charge distributions, and energies of every electron in every bond and bonding atom, facilitating the identification of biologically active sites in drugs; and facilitating drug design. The Company believes that this represents a major breakthrough in material science that has the potential to impact nearly all businesses involved in drug development and chemistry.



2004 – Luminide class drug delivery molecules – Brilliant Light Power

Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Prodrugs of Foscarnet and Dideoxycytidine with a Universal Carrier Compound Comprising a Chemiluminescent and a Photochromic Conjugate
Luminide Pharmaceutical Corporation, 493 Old Trenton Road, Cranbury, New Jersey 08512
Received 7 August 2003; revised 21 November 2003; accepted 8 December 2003
ABSTRACT: To facilitate intracellular delivery of hydrophilic drugs, a generallipophilic carrier molecule was designed and synthesized. The carrier comprised a chemiluminescent-photochromic conjugate that potentiates diffusion across cell membranes to enhance intracellular uptake of the drug. The designed mechanism involves activation of the chemiluminescentmoiety by intracellular oxygen free radicals and inter molecular energy transfer of the excited state energy to the photochromicmoiety to result in release of the drug to allow the desired pharmacological effect to occur. Prodrugs off oscarnet and dideoxycytidine with several carriers caused suppression of a human immunodeficiency virus infection in human cultured macrophages that was up to five times more effective thanthe drug alone. Successful in vivo efficacytesting of prodrug has beenaccomplished by demonstrating the suppression of a retroviral infection of Friend leukemia virus in mice. Acute toxicity studies of the carrier indicated that it was nontoxic. 2004 Wiley-Liss, Inc. and the American Pharmacists Association J Pharm Sci 93:1320–1336, 2004 Keywords: prodrug; anti-HIV; foscarnet; dideoxycytidine; oxygen free radicals; chemiluminescence; intermolecular energy transfer; photochromism

1988 -Luminide and macroluminide class of pharmaceuticals
It has developed a broad class of pharmaceutical agents react directly with electron carriers or reactive species produced by transport of electrons to release a pharmacologically active molecule, to effect a therapeutic functional change in the body by an action brought by a receiver or no receiver.

A61K41/0042 Photocleavage of drugs in vivo, e.g. cleavage of photolabile linkers in vivo by UV radiation for releasing the pharmacologically-active agent from the administered agent; photothrombosis or photoocclusion

2004 – Preparation of prodrugs for selective drug delivery
Apr 21, 2004
Synthesis of a chemical compound having the formula A-B-C that may serve for applications such as drug delivery where A is a chemiluminescent, moiety, B is a photochromic moiety, and C is a biologically active moiety where A-B-C may serve as a prodrug. Novel synthetic methods of the present invention to form the prodrug comprised the steps of (1) forming a benzophenone, (2) forming a diaryl ethylene, (3) attaching a phthalimide moiety to at least one of the aryl groups of the ethylene to form a phthalimide-ethylene conjugate, (4) condensing two ethylene-phthalimide conjugates to form a phthalimide-pentadiene conjugate, (5) converting the phthalimide to the phthalhydrazide by reaction with hydrazine to form a carrier compound according to the present invention, and (6) reacting the carrier compound with an nucleophilic moiety of the drug to form the corresponding prodrug. Alternatively the carrier can be prepared by using the halo-substituted diaryl ethylene to make the corresponding cationic leuco dye-like compound with known methods. The cationic compound then is protected by reacting with a nucleophile and coupled with the aminophathalimide by palladium-catalyzed amination to form the protected phthalimide-pentadiene conjugate. The latter is refluxed with hydrazine to convert its phthalimide to the phthalhydrazide and acidified to give the carrier. An additional aspect of the present invention relates to the use of these compounds as antiviral agents for the treatment of viral infections such as HIV and as anticancer agents for the treatment of cancers such as bowel, lung, and breast cancer.


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