One in twenty Britons doesn’t not believe the Holocaust took place, poll finds

Yeah my mum brought me up to question the Holocaust… questioned how and why the fuck it happened!

(The allies knew what was happening and if they cared they could have bombed the rail lines)

The amount of anti-semitism I’ve faced in the last eight/nine years has been horrifying! It’s only increased… on a staggering scale.

Everything has been blamed on ‘The Jews’… from UK Child Abuse, to banking scandals, the shit buckets that have been kicked over in the middle east (Israel doesn’t always help)… some of my ‘friends’ had no idea I was Jewish… the shit people have sent me because I’m interested in ‘conspiracies’.

… Now I’m being gang stalked by a national cult… a tactic developed by the Nazi brown shirts in pre Nazi Germany!

THIS IS THE ONE TIME IN JEWISH HISTORY JEWS NEED TO STAND TOGETHER! A 21st century holocaust, organised on the Internet, funded and co-ordinated.?… fuck that!

(Israel and Mossad? EVERY other nation, and their Intel agencies, needs to take a good look at themselves here!)


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