Syria… the way we see it!

“Well… the UK can reduce the number of jets operating in Syria by half… that’s now a total of 6 jets.
The US can withdraw it’s troops (2000?)
(everyone knows it was CIA and MI6 who supported ISIS in it’s plan to overthrow Assad)

But it was me (and others) ten years ago, who said if the Assad regime is not toppled, it will create huge problems.
(admittedly at the time people thought I worked for the Brits)

Ten years later, we now have a battle hardened Hezbollah, a Syrian Army with years of fighting experience and new weaponry, and Iranian troops entrenched on our border! … supported by Russia.
Oh and Turkey is in a stronger position.

THANKS MI6! THANKS WASHINGTON! Done a fucking splendid job there!
(and the fucking French)

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