The ‘Borovue bio nano tech’ incident… … what if it wasn’t a weapon?

“Why would someone hit me with bio nano tech, designed specifically for me? No-one brings that sort of stuff out to play for nothing! Too risky, too expensive, too secret… there has to be a reason why someone would risk that specifically for me…
I’m thinking what if it wasn’t a weapon?
I have powerful enemies… but my enemies seem powerless to actually do anything… I have powerful allies, who wish to see me alive and well…
If it was a weapon, I’m sure I would have seen the repercussions by now… if anything, I’m going back into superman mode!” 😀

New platform based on biology and nanotechnology carries mRNA directly to target cells

Delivering an effective therapeutic payload to specific target cells with few adverse effects is considered by many to be the holy grail of medical research. A new Tel Aviv University study explores a biological approach to directing nanocarriers loaded with protein “game changers” to specific cells. The groundbreaking method may prove useful in treating myriad malignancies, inflammatory diseases and rare genetic disorders.

Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2018-10-platform-based-biology-nanotechnology-mrna.html#jCp

Recent advances in the treatment of pathogenic infections using antibiotics and nano-drug delivery vehicles

Department of Bionano Technology, Gachon Bionano Research Institute, Gachon University, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Abstract: The worldwide misuse of antibiotics and the subsequent rise of multidrug-resistant pathogenic bacteria have prompted a paradigm shift in the established view of antibiotic and bacterial–human relations. The clinical failures of conventional antibiotic therapies are associated with lengthy detection methods, poor penetration at infection sites, disruption of indigenous microflora and high potential for mutational resistance. One of the most promising strategies to improve the efficacy of antibiotics is to complex them with micro or nano delivery materials. Such materials/vehicles can shield antibiotics from enzyme deactivation, increasing the therapeutic effectiveness of the drug. Alternatively, drug-free nanomaterials that do not kill the pathogen but target virulent factors such as adhesins, toxins, or secretory systems can be used to minimize resistance and infection severity. The main objective of this review is to examine the potential of the aforementioned materials in the detection and treatment of antibiotic-resistant pathogenic organisms.


Bollocks… I’ve relayed the story countless times before… I’m getting nowhere with it… fluorescent bright green aphids… hundreds of them… out of a spray… literally evolved and grew out of a spray! fuck knows why, or what the purpose was.
(looked like a fucking idiot stripping off in front of some Kazakh family)


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