“The last super massive fuck off particle accelerating colliding machine didn’t work”… “WELL BUILD A BIGGER ONE!”


Aside from ITER (the biggest, most expensive and most pointless fusion experiment in history)… we have CERN (the biggest, most expensive and most pointless particle accelerating experiment in history)… which hasn’t actually discovered anything (Why? Because the basic physical theories are completely incorrect)… what do 21st century ‘scientists’ do in this situation?… DECIDE TO BUILD A BIGGER ONE!

AND NO IT DIDN’T DISCOVER THE HIGGS BOSON! The Higgs Boson is STILL a theoretical particle, based upon the interpretation of data obtained… according to many it still doesn’t exist! (‘repeat a lie enough times… still doesn’t change the fundamental laws of the Universe!’)

“The coherent rules of Classical Physics that govern Spacetime permit the formation of only three families of leptons, three sets of quarks, and their antiparticles. Claims that high energy collisions of matter in particle colliders produce multiple additional particles that are alleged to play some role under the standard model are erroneous, being a false interpretation of what are merely short-lived, high energy resonances from permitted particle formation.”
“There is no Higgs Boson. Matter and spacetime do not require yet another postulated particle or a Higgs’ field to affect the properties of matter. The decay events that were claimed as the detection of the Higgs Boson were actually a neutron creation resonance arising from high energy particle collisions.”
GUTCP Fact Sheet

I forget… the Superconducting Super Collider in Texas… just put the word ‘super’ in it, and may actually do something!

I want $30 billion to build TWATTER… The Total Waste of Amount of Time, Technology, Energy and Researchers.

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