GUT-CP will take us into the realm of Star Wars and people know it!

“GUT-CP will take us in directions we can only yet dream of! An unlimited energy source accessible anywhere in the cosmos. Materials and compounds with an array of extraordinary qualities. The fifth force and anti-gravity. The beginnings of artificial intelligence.  The answers to questions humans have sought since time memorial!… In terms of philosophy (a return to ‘scientific realism’)… it will give us an understanding of ‘creation’… the Oscillating Universe, eternally expanding and contracting over a period of a trillion years… how consciousness arose and how the Universe became ‘self aware’… … brings us closer to answering questions about whether consciousness has arisen elsewhere in the Universe, whether it did so before Earth, whether it will do so again in the future (we’re only 14 billion years into a 450 billion year expansion phase)… unlocking the code of DNA, who created it and why (DNA is an artificially created mechanism, the chances of it arising by chance is 1 to the power 260 0’s)… what lies behind the veil of ‘dark energy’, which accounts for up to 96% of the unseen Universe… … GUT-CP is humanities ticket to the stars!”

THIS IS STAR WARS!… and a really, really small group of people on this planet know full well it is!








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