The Nature Of Consciousness, how consciousness arose, how the universe created consciousness, how and why is the universe aware of itself… … according to Mills! :D

“Fuck off! I spend at least two weeks a year in the Amazon absolutely tripping balls, conversing with angelic butterfly beings, in hysterical fits of laughter… … I need to know about this stuff! Or I need to try and know about this stuff… or at least think I do… …  … just feck off!”

“Consciousness is shaped by and requires the environment with which the brain interacts. A conscious being is made up of energy, quarks, gluons, electrons, atoms and molecules, etc.  that originate from and are part of the universe. For example, the elements other than hydrogen originate in the stars. Therefore, in broader terms the physics of the universe dynamically gives rise to a conscious being, and it is implicit that the universe is aware of itself” – Dr. Randell L.  Mills, The Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Quantum Mechanics (1999)

Mills briefly took a shot at it in 1999 Edition of The Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Quantum Mechanics, including ‘A method and system for pattern recognition and processing’ (THAT IS ALL CONSCIOUSNESS IS!)… it never appeared in prior or later editions of his theory (later Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Physics). I sincerely hope he either, releases his ideas and theories on consciousness in later life… or if he feels it’s too ‘mystical’ or distracting from his main theory (GUT-CP), decides to have his ideas released after his death.


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