The Great Pyramid and The Ark Of The Covenant… IT WAS ME WHO FIRST SUGGESTED IT!

“The Bible speaks of the Ark leveling mountains and laying waste to entire regions. An army which carries the Ark before it is invincible.” ―Marcus Brody (Raiders Of The Lost Ark)

I remember the day exactly! Summer 2012… we where sat around discussing the Great Pyramid at it’s potential for being a technological or power device of some kind, and the prospect of missing components was brought up, and I said….
“Has anyone ever considered the Ark being THE missing piece?” 
(it makes the Exodus story slightly more amusing) 😀

Did Moses Grab the Ark & Run?
“Have you ever found it curious that as Moses was leading his people out of Egypt, the Pharaoh suddenly commanded his entire army to go after Moses and stop him? Why the change of heart? Why risk further judgment at the hand of God through Moses?”

But it seems that theory has been developed since…

ARK OF THE COVENANT. The return of the Ark of the Covenant to Beth-Shemesh (I Samuel 6:13)
ARK OF THE COVENANT. The return of the Ark of the Covenant to Beth-Shemesh (I Samuel 6:13). Wood engraving after Gustave Dore, c18th century.

The Great Pyramid of Giza—where the Ark of the Covenant was originally located?

According to ancient religious texts, the Ark of the Covenant also known as the Ark of the Testimony is a gold-covered wooden chest described in the Book of Exodus as containing the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments. Named in various verses of the Torah and the Bible, the Ark remains a great mystery to historians. While some claim that it never existed, others still seek it, convinced that its existence is real.
What if the Ark of the Covenant was, in fact, real, and has a mysterious connection to one of the most enigmatic ancient structures on the surface of the planet: The Great Pyramid of Giza?

So what do we know about the Ark of the Covenant? We know it was a powerful ‘device’. Only a select few could approach it. When approached, anyone had to take extreme precautions and wear some sort of protective outfits. The ark was plated with gold.
Furthermore, we know from the Book of Exodus, that after the Israelites were released from Egypt, God summoned Moses to the peak of the holy mountain giving him two stone tablets that were carved with the ten commandments. At that moment, God provided Moses with exact instructions on how to build the Ark of the Covenant, one of the most enigmatic ‘devices’ in the history of mankind.

According to the Book of Exodus; the dimensions and characteristics of the Ark of the Covenant are 2½ cubits in length, 1½ in breadth, and 1½ in height which is approximately 131×79×79 cm or 52×31×31 in.

The entire Ark was plated with gold, and a crown of gold was put around it. Four rings of gold were attached to its four feet, two on each side and through these rings staves of shittim-wood plated with gold were placed to carry the Ark. these were never to be removed. A golden cover was placed above the Ark; also called kapporet. Interestingly, there are numerous researchers that suggest if the construction details of the Ark are those which were recorded in the past, then the ark would basically resemble an electrical capacitor with two electrodes separated by insulator drivers.

Strangely, it is believed that the Great Pyramid of Giza may have been deeply connected to the ark of the covenant, and it is hypothesized that the Great Pyramid of Giza would have been used to house the Ark of the Covenant.

The defenders of this idea, base their proof on the fact that the measuresments exposed in the sacred texts would coincide with the size of one of the sarcophagi of the Egyptian monument, where no mummy has ever been found.
As noted by Gerry Cannon from Crystallinks, “the word ark comes from the Hebrew word aron, which means a chest, box. Its dimensions are described by the bible as 2.5 cubits by 1.5 cubits by 1.5 cubits (45 inches by 27 inches by 27 inches). Curiously, this is the exact volume of the stone chest or porphyry coffer in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. This coffer was the only object within the King’s Chamber, as the Ark was the single sacred object within the Holy of Holies, in the Temple. Also the laver, or basin, that the priests used to wash their feet had the identical cubit dimensions.”

Furthermore, Cannon elaborates that “The cubit dimensions of the inner chamber of the Temple, the Holy of Holies, are precisely identical in size to the King’s Chamber in the Pyramid and the same volume as the molten sea of water on the Temple Mount as prepared by King Solomon. Since the Pyramid was built and sealed long before the days of Moses, when he built the Ark and the Holy of Holies, and had remained sealed for over twenty-five centuries until the ninth century after Christ, there is no natural explanation for the phenomenon of both structures having identical volume measurements.”
No matter how far-fetched this theory may sound, various groups of scientists and historians are trying to determine the truth of it. In addition to the historical value that the Lost Ark would possess, many believe in the magical power of the object.

The Connection Between the Pyramid and the Ark of the Covenant

The Connection Between the Pyramid and the Ark of the Covenant
“This seems unlikely. Rather, it is more likely that the Holy of Holies and the Ark were relics from an earlier time, and were taken out of Egypt by the fleeing Israelites. The Ark is said to have once been kept in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. The famous ‘lidless’ coffin of Cheops was in actuality the receptacle for the Ark of the Covanant.”
The capacity of the Ark, based on its Biblical measurements, was 71,282 cubic inches, while the measure for the granite container in the King’s Chamber is 71,290 cublic inches. In 1955, Dr. Alfred Rutherford of the Institute of Pyramidology in Illinois performed an experiment in which he re-assembled the pieces of an exact replica of the Ark inside the King’s Chamber and lowered it into the Chamber’s stone box. It fit remarkably well, with a relatively uniform half-inch clearance on all four sides of the replica. Not without significance is the fact that the dimensions of the King’s Chamber itself form a double-cube—precisely the same dimensional configuration of the Hebrew Tabernacle Holy of Holies.
Was it here, inside the Great Pyramid, that the original Ark was first energized?
In the Book of Exodus chapter 25, verses 10 through 21, appears these descriptions of the Ark: it was a lidless rectangular box made of shittim wood (probably acacia) measuring two and a half cubits long by one and a half cubits wide and high—in terms of the Egyptian royal cubit, about 4 feet 4 inches by 2 feet 7 inches. The box was covered in gold over its inner and outer surfaces, with a gold crown or border around the top rim. Gold rings were added to each corner through which were inserted two carrying poles also made of gold-covered wood, that were designated never to be removed. On top of the box was placed a lid or “mercy seat” that matched the length and breadth dimensions of the box and was also covered with gold. On the lid were two sold gold statues of angelic beings called cherubim, with a winged figure place at either end of the lid and facing each other, with their four wings outstretched to form a canopy or arch.
In terms of its static electric charge potential, the gold coverings of the Ark form the positive and negative conductive layers, and the wood forms the insulator separating the two. The cherubim statues on the lid, with one figure connected with the outer gold layer and the other figure connected to the inner gold layer would have served as positive and negative terminals.
While a Leyden jar the size of a modern coffee jar can store a charge of approximately 200 volts, something the size of the Ark would have held a charge potential of several thousands of volts. Particularly in the hot dry air of the Sinai, the Ark could have stored enough static electricity to have been fatal to anyone even coming close to it. This is precisely what happened as portrayed in Hebrew literature on two occasions. In Leviticus 10: 1-2, two priests, Nadab and Abihu, failed to approach the Ark in a prescribed manner, “And there went out a fire, and devoured them.” In Second Samuel 6: 6-7, while the Ark was being transported to Jerusalem by oxen, and was being shaken badly, another priest named Uzzah tried to steady the box by placing his hands on it. “And God smote him there for his error, and there he died by the Ark of God.”
Other tell-tale electrical elements can be seen in these additional features: …………………….


Many of the pyramidologists in the 19th century have pointed out an amazing correlation. The volume or cubic capacity of the Coffer in the King’s chamber is exactly the same volume to the Ark of the Covenant as described in the Bible. Could there be some common measurement that was used that goes back to antiquity? Could there be some common builders involved? It has also been shown that the “pyramid inch”, which is discussed in our pyramidology sections, is the same unit of measurement that was used to build “Noah’s Ark, “Solomon’s Temple”, and the “Ark of the Covenant”. We will also discuss in another article the relationship between a standard Egyptian unit of area and its relationship to Stonehenge.
In our article on the “Arab who got the shock of his life on the summit of the Great Pyramid” we mentioned the possibility that there may be interesting electro-static phenomena on the top of the Great Pyramid. If we go back to some ancient legends about the Ark of the Covenant, we find some interesting statements. The Ark of the Covenant was placed in the most Holy of Holies and could only be approached once a year by the High Priest. It was considered so sacred that it was believed that if the High Priest or anyone who came near it and had any impure thoughts, they would be struck dead with a bolt of lightning. Here is a little unknown fact. What the Israelites would do was to tie a rope to the leg of the High Priest when he went in to the Holy of Holies incase he was struck dead with lightning. If that happened, they could just pull him out with the rope and therefore not risk someone else being killed by going in. Do you remember the Indiana Jones movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, when the nazi’s approached the Ark and were all struck dead with a bolt of lightning? This was based on actual legend. Also in the Bible there was an instance when someone touched the Ark in order to prevent it from falling and they were also struck dead instantly. Is this just mythology or is there some basis in these occurrences?
We know from the Bible the ark was made of acacia wood and lined inside and out with gold. What we have here is two conductors separated by an insulator. That is a capacitor. It has been calculated that this Ark might have been able to act as a capacitor and was able to produce an electric discharge of over 500 volts. Thus, this would cause the type of phenomena mentioned in the Bible associated with the Ark. Why did the Israelite army always march to war with the Ark in the front? There is much interesting speculation here.
Why this is important to pyramid research is that the Great Pyramid may have some interesting electro-static producing effects, especially on the summit.
Our association will be proposing a research proposal to study the physical effects on the summit and elsewhere in the Great Pyramid. Using specific physical apparatus, we would like to take measurements and do experiments especially on the summit. We would also like to carry out some experiments at the point where the original pyramid with the capstone would have been. We would need a platform to reach this height. Did the Great Pyramid somehow act as a capacitor and for what purpose. This could be investigated using direct measurements and testing.


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