How Great Pyramid was ‘used as a MACHINE to alter cosmic rays’… ‘similar to a cold fusion reaction’ (KGB documents?)

I know the U.S military conducted a survey on the Great Pyramid in late 1970’s (78?)… CLASSIFIED… all we know is they came to the conclusion that it was a technological device of some kind.

  1. It’s wasn’t built by Khufu
  2. It’s older than 4500 years
  3. It’s a precision built engineering device of some kind… it served and technological function.

The rest you have to try and figure out for yourself… it’s like the planets greatest puzzle!
Youtubes Ancient Architects has done some splendid research and has some pretty good ideas on what it’s function was…

Anyway, as we say in UK… “Let’s see vat KGB think bout dis” 😀

Egypt REVELATION: How Great Pyramid was ‘used as a MACHINE to alter cosmic rays’

EGYPT’s Great Pyramid holds “powers to alter cosmic rays”, according to secret KGB documents that claim the pyramid is intimately connected with Earth.

The tallest pyramid ever constructed in Egypt, the Great Pyramid, was considered to be a “wonder of the world” by ancient writers. Some 4,500 years ago, the ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid of Giza as a tomb for the pharaoh Khufu, also known as Cheops, one that would ferry him to the afterlife. According to secret KGB documents, scientists began to wonder if the entire Giza Plateau was designed and engineered for a different purpose.

In Amazon Prime’s “The Secret KGB Abduction Files”, scientists and theorists question and examine the possibilities that the Great Pyramid operates as a “paranormal machine”.
One scientist made an astonishing claim that “the pyramids, or certainly the Great Pyramid, was a machine [because] it had some sort of purpose.
He added: “The measurements are extremely precise.”

The ratio between the height of the pyramid and the perimeter of the pyramid is the same as the ratio between the radius of the Earth and the circumference of the Earth.

So you can actually see the pyramid is sort of like a three-dimensional triangular depiction of a hemisphere which might suggest that there was some reason to have the pyramid resonate with the planet.
The scientist concludes that the “pyramids have powers to alter cosmic rays”.
The pyramids are in effect huge prisms, capable of concentrating energy. Capturing the light from the stars would initiate a process that would turn the Great Pyramid into an interstellar transmitter.
Theorists claim the three pyramids and Sphinx could be integral parts of an immense machine designed by alien engineers.

According to scientific reports, all the monuments of Giza are linked by a master control mechanism inside the Great Pyramid.
Inside the Great Pyramid, a passageway leads to the king’s chamber, and above the sarcophagus is a tunnel some call the star shaft.
When a specific celestial alignment occurs, starlight streaks down the shaft. These scientist theorise that radiant energy striking the sarcophagus could initiate something similar to a cold fusion reaction.
The prism structure of the pyramid would magnify and transfer the energy to the other monuments.



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