Musk, if you want to get to Mars… Nazi technology will not do it… GUT-CP is the ONLY viable option

“Well Musk… that looks Nazi as fuck… you couldn’t possibly design a more nazified rocket unless Goebells designed it himself… … step aside dickhead!”


  1. You are NOT getting to Mars using 1930’s rocket propulsion technology… GUARENFUCKINGTEED
  2. To land safely on Mars, again you are NOT using 1930’s rocket propulsion technology
  3. A light weight protective material for radiation protection has to be designed if you want humans on board (hate to break this to you, but we didn’t go the Moon)
  4. A propulsion and energy source has to be designed that preferably uses the most ubiquitous and lightest element in the Universe… HYDROGEN! 😀
  5. You need a real understanding of gravity, what it is, how it acts upon the Universe… then that understanding will lead to technologies that can act against it, artificially replicate it…
  6. And you have to,  in all seriousness, for the sake of humanity… name it the USS Orville!


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