I know ‘Havana Syndrome’ is real

“I was the first to report it. February 2013. I was on my own… had no-one to turn to. At the time I didn’t know whether it was the CIA (Booz Allen) or the Cubans.
Physical symptoms, psychological symptoms… there was one night where it drove me to the brink of suicide… never had suicidal thoughts prior, never had them since… I stood out on a balcony overlooking the South Cuban jungle, and strung myself up… for about fifteen minutes I was completely manic and on the brink of hanging myself.
When I turned away to head back into my room, someone moved from out of the jungle (30 metres away?)… they had been watching me the whole fucking time.
It’s a precision weapon of some kind (microwave/acoustic sonic), it has severe effects on the target (not just physical but psychological), untraceable and unprovable… it’s the Anti-Ayahuasca! 😀 It’s just the nature of 21st century espionage… get use to it!”

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