Which countries have and are secretly researching GUT-CP?

Philosophy Storm – Koroeda

Soviets have  been researching this sort of stuff since the 50’s/60’s.
I imagine they have troves of research, papers, studies into LENR, ‘cold nuclear transmutation’, plasma physics, ball lightening, alternative models to Quantum etc… some of it still classified, some of it yet to be translated, some of it lost and buried in archives.
Achievements of Russian scientists that can change the world: from the cradle of LENR to modernity.
Lenr in Russia
In Memory of Yuri Bazhutov

Soviet scientists have always been open minded, sceptical of Western scientific dogma… best in the world at one point (possibly still are in a way)… and Russians historically don’t like to bullshit (unlike the mighty U.S empire), if they want something kept a secret, they keep it a secret!

Recently (2018)… Russia Expected to Recognize LENR as Official Science in the Near Future
Putin Cold Fusion In Russia Ahead Of The World


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