Israel and war in 2019?

Fuck Trump.. fuck the U.S!
(put sanctions of Lebanon)

Why Trump’s withdrawal from Syria is bad news for Israel — and good news for Iran

It could turn a simmering conflict into something much more dangerous.

Israel’s Next Northern War: Operational and Legal Challenges

JINSA’s Gemunder Center Hybrid Warfare Task Force October 2018

Toward the Brink

The Great Middle Eastern War of 2019

The next war on Israel’s north will not simply be a more destructive replay of the 2006 Lebanon War, but will likely involve many more actors on multiple fronts, unprecedented challenges for escalation management, warfighting, and conflict termination—and the possibility of a regional conflagration.

Another war in Lebanon?

A senior U.S. intelligence officer cautions that there is “real potential” of a war between Israel and Hezbollah and that such a war could drag in Iran and other regional powers. Mara Karlin, a leading outside analyst,

contends that war is “almost inevitable” and that the “real questions are how and where—not if—the impending conflagration will occur.”

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