Christopher Halliwell? :/ … unless Jewish girls are murdered… GO FUCK YOURSELF!

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UK’s potential serial killer, Christopher Halliwell (this has been on going for a number of years)

– PUBLICALLY REALEASED number of potential number of victims since 1996 – Six

-PRIVATELY amongst different investigating officers. ????

-‘potential offending period of more than 30 years’.
-First talked of serial killing in 84. Released in 88.
-The methodical and forensically expert manner in which the first known victim Becky Godden-Edwards (in Wilts area) was murdered (reported missing in 07) would indicate he may have had a history of killing.
-Halliwell could not remember the year he killed Becky Godden-Edwards (03, 04 or 05) would indicate she was not his first victim. (one of potentially many)
-First potential victim (Melanie Hall) in (again in Wilts area) 1996.
-The fact he owned over 80 cabs, across Britain.
-Worked across Britain in cabs. Worked in construction. Holidayed across Britain in his narrow boat.

“We know he travelled all over the country working as a driver, or in the construction industry, and we are also looking at where he took his holidays on his narrow boat. He could have left victims anywhere in the UK.

“There is evidence from the way he disposed of Becky’s body, with all clothing and jewellery removed, that he was very forensically aware. Books on forensics were found in his loft.”




Halliwel. regularly spent time alone in his own narrow boat on the Kennet and Avon canal, which he has since sold.

Almost no evidence of Halliwell’s forensic “footprint” could be found in the home he shared with his 55-year-old ex-lover.

A source said: “It was as if he didn’t live there. It leads us to ask if he has some other premises, a lock-up or similar, somewhere else, which does contain his life and – horrifically – maybe trophies of his victims.”

I have got a sickening gut feeling (and I know a number of investigating officers will share this)… This may only be the tip of the iceberg. I sincerely hope this investigation is being co-ordinated properly, and information is being shared across the country. The man is a textbook psychopath. Friendly, charming, able to extract information from his potential victims, meaning he only killed those who would not be reported missing, or had personal problems. Had a wife and family.
This could be horrific… he’s refusing to give any information unless he has to. He hasn’t killed for fame or to play games with law enforcement… he’s done it out necessity, to satisfy his own urges. Sadly, the number of victims may never be known.


Serial killer Christopher Halliwell linked to unsolved murder of Melanie Hall

A DOSSIER linking serial killer Christopher Halliwell to an unsolved murder has been sent to police.

Is Christopher Halliwell a serial killer?
Detective who snared double murderer Christopher Halliwell but was forced OUT of the police for failing to follow procedure says he has no regrets – and insists he saved other victims from the ‘sick’ cab driver killer


‘LEFT TO ROT’ Who was Becky Godden-Edwards? Sex worker murdered by killer Christopher Halliwell in 2003


STABBED TO DEATH Who was Sian O’Callaghan and when was she murdered by killer Christopher Halliwell?


Twisted killer cabbie’s secret murder ‘trophy store’ points to more victims

THE man who put twisted serial killer Christopher Halliwell behind bars has revealed his horrendous crimes could be worse than anyone imagined.

Did double-murderer taxi driver kill SIXTY women? Detective reveals Christopher Halliwell’s twisted ‘trophy cabinet’ could hold the clues to dozens of unsolved crimes

KILLER CABBIE Who is Christopher Halliwell? Sian O’Callaghan and Becky Godden’s killer who’s also linked to Claudia Lawrence’s disappearance

The taxi driver is in jail for murdering two women in Swindon – but how many more victims were there?


Christopher Halliwell ‘may be linked to six other murders’

I believe he KILLED Claudia Lawrence: Shock claim by hero detective who caught Halliwell


cabbie killed ’60 more women’ Twisted Christopher Halliwell ‘could have raped and killed dozens more women’ as cops look into trophy store

cabbie killed on ‘special day’ Date that links Christopher Halliwell with two more murders… and could see man jailed for 13 years walk free

Criminology expert says Christopher Halliwell case is similar to that of evil serial killer Peter Tobin
As police search two former homes of double killer Halliwell top criminologist Dr Adam Lynes backs claims more bodies may well be found

Psycho killer Chris Halliwell may have slain 23 women, claims cold case expert

CONVICTED double-killer Chris Halliwell may have murdered as many as 23 young women.


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