“It’s what I had been asking for! It’s ALL what I have asked for, for the past ten years… to put one down on front of me, at a table f,ace to face… and I got what asked for.

But just think, I was there to discuss the greatest human discovery since fire, the energy source that can unlock the secrets of the Universe, that can propel our civilisation into the cosmos… … and it happened in a hotel restaurant in full view of CIA and Mossad… FSB and Chinese (unfortunately I kicked MI6 out)… … if I was going to make up a story about an extra-terrestrial encounter, I would make it more accessible and interesting than just “one sat down in front of me at a restaurant”.

Like I said… it is EVERYTHING I had been asking for since I first worked for MI5
(why try and blow me up? why spray me with bio nano tech? Why send a gang stalking cult after me after wards?)

If ‘Rothschild’ has just given me EXACTLY what I have been asking for… I love him! I love him more than I could possibly ever love another human being.

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