With this discovery… we can… WE WILL BECOME GODS!

People are not grasping the TRUE implications of The Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Physics and hydrino energy… … ‘we’ can… we WILL become Gods with the power we now have at a our fingertips!
14 billion years of evolution had led us to this point… we WILL become immortal, intergalactic Gods… and ANYONE that dares to stand in our way will become obsolete in the sands of history… disposed of by evolution… discarded by life!

Evolution of life on Earth has progressed through five energy epochs, the last being the epoch of fire… each progression has allowed for more intelligent, complex and superior species to emerge… THIS IS THE SIXTH ENERGY EPOCH FOR LIFE ON PLANET EARTH! The ‘hydrino’ epoch… we can produce limitless power anywhere that there is hydrogen!


via Energy and the Evolution of Life on Earth… including Human Evolution

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