Netanyahu to visit Rio, Brasilia in unprecedented trip to Brazil!… Israel and Brazil sign tech deal… … promises to move embassy!

I know some of you laughing uncontrollably at this one! 😀
(I can’t, my heart belongs to Peru!)


Yeah I did Brazil in 2016! 😀 … Rio de Janeiro , Brasília… I spent most of my time in a place called Rio Branco (up towards Peruvian border)… … Netanyahu should drink the Ayahuasca!

(still has a Nazi Fourth Reich presence, but I’m sure the new Government and Mossad can sort that one out… Odebrecht got fucked! ;D)

Netanyahu to visit Rio, Brasilia in unprecedented trip to Brazil

PM will attend inauguration of new president Bolsonaro; local Jews hail ‘promising signs in the bilateral relationship’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will travel to Brazil later this month to attend the inauguration of incoming President Jair Bolsonaro, his office confirmed Monday.
During his five-day trip — the first-ever to the Latin American country by an Israeli prime minister — he is also expected to meet with the local Jewish leaders.

Netanyahu will head to Rio on December 27, where he will conduct a first bilateral meeting with Bolsonaro and meet representatives of the Jewish community. On Monday, December 31, the prime minister will fly to the capital, Brasilia, for the events surrounding the president’s inauguration the next day.

He is scheduled to attend ceremonies at the Presidential Palace, the Foreign Ministry Palace, and at the National Congress.
Speaking to his Likud faction in the Knesset on Monday, Netanyahu predicted that the Israeli press would ignore his trip to Brazil. “I will meet there with the president-elect of Brazil, who said that he will carry out a revolution in Brazil’s relations with Israel,” he said.
“It’s not just another country — even though every country is important — it’s a country with nearly a quarter of a billion people, a superpower. And they’re changing their relations with Israel from one extreme to the other, including on the issue of Jerusalem,” he added.
Netanyahu was referring to Bolsonaro’s pledge to defy international consensus and recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move his country’s embassy there.

Netanyahu: Brazil on cusp of ‘revolution’ in ties with Israel


Israel signs tech deal with Brazil in push for Latin American ties

Son of Brazil’s president-elect tells Kushner embassy will move

The question is not whether Brazil will move its embassy to Jerusalem, but when, Eduardo Bolsonaro – the son of Brazil’s president-elect Jair Bolsonaro – said in Washington on Tuesday.


Brazil meat exporters oppose Israel embassy move to Jerusalem

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – The president of Brazil’s poultry & pork exporters association ABPA, Francisco Turra, said on Thursday he opposes a plan by the country’s President-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, to move the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.
Turra told reporters at a press conference that the move could be bad for exporters, which could lose some of their businesses to countries in the Middle East.



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