Kabbalah me! :D I want to learn Kabbalah (GUT-CP, 1/137, alpha… sure I could find room for Ayahuasca and DMT as well)… the Pyramid of Khafre?

“Well Kabbalah me!”
“Perhaps you could say that instead of ?”
“Meh?… … on another note, I was only recently looking into a theory (not many have looked into, that the Pyramids may contain atomic knowledge incorporated in to them”


THAT IS WHAT I SAW! Fucking climbed up it!”

I want to learn Kabbalah! I’ve mentioned it before, my rabbi said ‘not to get involved in stuff like that’, some people are saying I’m too young and should wait until I’m at least forty years of age (33 is a good age to start!), others are treating me like I’m Annakin feckin’ Skywalker!… I’m going to study Kabbalah, and I’m going to study it in conjunction with The Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Physics (and Ayahuasca! :D)… it’s probably best you send someone my way to at least point me in the right direction, maybe some steering and guidance…

I would say, in a way, I was first introduced to it when I was maybe eleven or twelve years old… I think my main Ayahuasca experience may have been alluding me to study it… but discovering the number 137’s relevance in Kabbalah… well…


by Billy Phillips
Not too long ago (IN A GALAXY NOT TOO FAR AWAY!), I was learning with Kabbalist Rav Berg at his home. We discussed the most important number in all of physics.

That number is 137.

137 is the biggest mystery and most important number in all of science. Without question.

137 refers to electrons and the odds of an electron absorbing a single photon. Or in simple Kabbalah language, it’s about Vessel and Light, or the physical body of man and his ability to ignite the Light from his soul and arouse the Light in the extraordinary 99% reality so that it shines in our plain, ordinary world.

Please do not worry if you don’t understand the science and physics associated with the number 137 (also known as the fine structure constant). That’s not what is important in this article. And by the way, most physicists don’t understand it either. But they do admit and know that it’s the most important number in the universe. You can google it later if you want to know more about how it works in physics and why it’s so important.
In this article, I will offer up the simple, bottom line connection to this mysterious number, a number that has the greatest physicists in history scratching their collective heads.

For instance, one of the important physicists of the 20th century Richard Feynman wrote the following about the number 137:

“It has been a mystery ever since it was discovered more than fifty years ago, and all good theoretical physicists put this number up on their wall and worry about it. It’s one of the greatest damn mysteries of physics: a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man. You might say the ‘hand of God’ wrote that number, and ‘we don’t know how He pushed his pencil.”

Another great 20th century scientist, Wolfgang Pauli was obsessed about 137. Pauli and other physicists were convinced that 137 was a mystical number with a secret meaning beyond physics. According to the science book Deciphering the Cosmic Number, by Arthur Miller:

“Pauli once said that if the Lord allowed him to ask anything he wanted, his first question would be “Why 1/137?”

In this same book, it reveals the following letter that Wolfgang Pauli wrote to his sister Hertha:

“I do believe that the natural sciences will…bring forth a counter pole in their adherents, which connects with the old mystic elements”

Guess what the great physicist and genius Wolfgang Pauli discovered: He was shocked to learn that the numerical value of KABBALAH was 137! Pauli studied Kabbalah in the hopes of finding a solution. His problem was that he did not study with a Kabbalist. He studied with a scholar and was thus unable to crack the code.

So now we know that the most important number in physics, which deals with photons and electrons, is the same numerical value as the word Kabbalah, which deals with Light and Vessels.

Wolfgang Pauli also died in Room 137 of the Rotkreuz hospital in Zürich, Switzerland.
Anyway,when I was learning with the Rav, the Rav acknowledged that there was a profound message behind that fact that the one magic number of physics is the exact same numerical value as the word Kabbalah.

First we learned that the angel Yofiel, known as the “Angel Prince of Torah” as mentioned in the Zohar, has the same numerical value of 137! Guess what this particular angel taught Moses?

The angel called Yofiel taught Moses the mysteries of Kabbalah! Yet another connection between 137 and Kabbalah!


The number 137 comes up quite often in the Torah. It is the most common age for the biblical characters.

Abraham is 137 years old when he binds his son Isaac in the Torah Portion of Vayeira. When you understand Kabbalah, you realize this relates directly to the idea of an “electron absorbing a photon” or desire connecting to Light. We must bind our ego (Isaac), the negative desire in order to connect to the hidden, concealed realm of Light (Abraham). That’s what the story of Abraham binding his son Isaac is all about.
Moses’ father lived to 137, according to the Torah.

Ishmael lived to 137, according to the Torah.

Levi lived to 137, according to the Torah. Levi is the seed of the Tribe of Levi.
What is also amazing is that the phrase “The Cohen & the Levites” has the numerical value of 137.

Noah (1) had 3 sons (3) and 70 (7) descendants. There’s that wily 137 again!
Adam (1) led to 3 Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (3) which led to 70 family members (7). 137!

There are 304,805 letters in the Torah.

What what happens if you reverse the numbers in pairs: 50+84+03=137.

Moses’ Tabernacle, the earthly dwelling place of God was 13.7 meters long.


Then the Rav explained that 137 is the 33rd prime number. Why 33? The Rav said “the number 33 lives on and on and on.” Sure enough, 33 is the day Rav Shimon left this world, the holiday known as Lag B’omer. This is the one day when all the Light of Zohar and Kabbalah are revealed into the physical world, or the electron absorbs the photon.
The 33rd day of Omer is the day Rabbi Akiva taught Rav Shimon the Kabbalah.
The 33rd day of the Omer is also the day when Rav Shimon left the cave after 13 years of learning.

The Kabbalists say the day Rav Shimon left the cave is equal to the full revelation of Light on Mount Sinai with Moses. So 137 — by way of 33 — also connects to Kabbalah in a profound way. Our purpose in this world is to unite the physical world (electron) with the spiritual world of Light (photon) and that is what Kabbalah (137) teaches us to do.
33 is the highest degree in Scottish Rite Freemasonry, which is based solely on Kabbalah.
33 is the age that Kabbalist Yehoshua ben Yoseph (Jesus) left this world.

137 also plays a role cosmically. Read this…

NASA’s Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) has taken the best measurement of the age of the Universe to date.”…scientists now have the best estimate yet on the age of the Universe: 13.7 billion years”

(there it is again 137)

I asked the Rav, what this bizarre connection between 137 and Kabbalah is trying to tell us. The Rav then said: “137 is all about making a connection between an unseen force and a seen force.”

The seen force is our desire, the realm of the physical world which we call the 1 percent reality. The unseen realm is the source of wisdom and happiness. The hidden 99% reality.

The Rav then said the following:

“If you add the individual numbers of 137 together you get eleven. A very powerful number in the Zohar. In warfare, using the weapons known by the Hebrew word Korbanot (or sacrifices) the other side (evil) brought ten items and the Israelites brought eleven. The other side (evil) knew ten was part of this physical reality, to control it. But the Israelites knew ten was not ultimate but rather eleven was. Eleven is part of the eleven spices spoke of in the Torah and Zohar. And all the activities of the morning connection (morning prayers) add up to eleven. Eleven is a good number. Two times eleven is 22, the number of letters in aleph bet. Three times 11 is 33, Rabbi Shimon and Lag B’Omer.”

The Rav stopped talking for a few minutes on this subject. Then, after a short while, the Rav returned to it.

“Why is eleven chosen as good number?” the Rav asked. “Ten (sephirot) is limiting because even in the realm of the ein sof (Endless World, the realm above our physical world) we are not dealing with the ultimate Light. So eleven is higher than ten”
I asked the Rav to explain why the Endless World (Ein Sof) was not the ultimate.

The Rav said the following:

“Eleven is higher than ten. In the Endless World there is Light and Vessel. Which means there is still a vessel. But then there is the unknowable Source of the Light, the source behind the emanation of the Endless World, which the Zohar will not deal with. Kabbalah only deals with the Light that shines outward, not the source of the Light. The Source is beyond human intellect and can never be grasped so it is higher.”

The Rav then summarized the whole 137-Kabbalah concept:

“The whole process of life is about one thing—desire — the desire to receive the Light, which is why they call this Kabbalah — Kabbalah means to receive. The engine behind all activity on earth,all human action is desire, a craving for Light. There is war, conflict and human misery only because we have not fulfilled that one desire. That is the only reason.”

I asked Rav why science is using all these terms like electrons, quarks, leptons.

The Rav said:

“I used to teach this long ago in the basic course. I think we took it out. In electricity, there is 110 volts and there is 220 volts. But both use the same force of electricity. It is the capacity of the equipment that you plug into the electrical force that determines if its 110 or 220. But the electrical force is always the same. There is only desire to receive consciousness. The different particles are just different vessels with different capacities, but its all one singular force of consciousness. How that one force is used and received is what makes the difference and accounts for all the diversity. Our desire to receive can no longer continue to operate as it has in the past (selfish). We must change and start receiving for the sake of benefiting others.”


The number 137 in physics corresponds to the interaction between an electron and a photon or the probability of an electron absorbing a photon. In the language of Kabbalah, it means the interaction between the Vessel and the Light or how a Vessel can absorb/receive the Light. We know that we are distanced and disconnected from the Light when we are opposite in nature because in the realm of consciousness or spirituality, opposites repel. The only way for our physical world (electron) to absorb (receive) the Light is to imitate the Light, behave like the Light, and that stops repulsion. In turn, it causes attraction.

The missing puzzle piece for physics is consciousness.

Only by way of consciousness can we absorb and connect to the Light in a lasting and permanent way.


When we first admit and recognize that our ego is a distinct and separate force of consciousness (often that takes lifetimes), and then we strive to remove it, so that we share, instead of only receive, we then unite with the Light. In other words, the Light is the Cause of Happiness. Therefore, when we become the cause of someone else’s happiness, we are identical to the Light.

What’s the take away lesson here?

Simple — but not easy: Instead of making our own dreams come true (which disconnects us because are receiving, the direct opposite of the sharing Light) we need to start making other people’s dreams come true. But don’t worry about dedicating your time and talents making other people’s dreams come true. You won’t have to worry because the rest of the world will be striving to make all of your dreams come true.

That is the long-held secret.

That’s the formula for immortality and paradise.

When we are all working to make each other’s dreams come true, using our gifts and talents for the sole purpose of causing happiness in others, all ten dimensions of the ten sephirot align and connect. Suddenly, the Endless World and the Physical world unite as one.

The 1 realm of the Light connects to the 3 upper Sephirot, which connect with the lower 7 Sephirot and suddenly Light flows.

1 connects to 3 which connects to the 7.


Happiness manifests.

137 creates one unified whole. Oneness between people creates oneness between the 1, the 3 and the 7.

Now throw away all the details and physics and just realize when you love your neighbor, you change your life and this world. But also know that you can only love your neighbor when you remove the one force that prevents you from loving unconditionally — the human ego.

So instead of chasing after love, chasing after happiness, and chasing after joy, start chasing after your own ego and selfish traits, because once your remove all that, love, happiness and joy are the automatic result.



And the ultimate secret for changing everything.

The Hidden Message in Khafre’s Pyramid: What Were the Builders Trying to Tell Us?

Khafre – The Second Pyramid

The Pyramid of Khafre and the Great Sphinx of Giza. (CC BY-SA 3.0)
It was time to study the Second Pyramid (Khafre). It is a majestic building, such as the Great Pyramid. It is also keeper of very interesting structural elements, making it famous across time. The main characteristic, well known around the world, is the limestone rock covering its apex. Probably, that monument, of about 143 meters high (470 feet), still contains hidden chambers in the upper part yet to be discovered.

It was time to study the Second Pyramid (Khafre). It is a majestic building, such as the Great Pyramid. It is also keeper of very interesting structural elements, making it famous across time. The main characteristic, well known around the world, is the limestone rock covering its apex. Probably, that monument, of about 143 meters high (470 feet), still contains hidden chambers in the upper part yet to be discovered.
The last step was to analyze the Second Pyramid through the arithmetic relationship. Results would allow me to compare the data and check for the existence of scientific evidence.
Results are expressed as follows:

Table 4

I must say that I was astonished, when I looked at the data. The number 137, thus obtained, was very different in comparison with the previous data sets. It is still a prime number, but this time, its meaning has nothing to do with the prime number 11, 7 and 5… at least that is how it appeared.

Was it a scientific message? What was the Second Pyramid’s purpose?

I had to find the answer within the fields of mathematics.

Mathematics and the Riddle of Prime Numbers
The formula for prime numbers—or pi-Greek function of positive numbers—is a formula generating the prime numbers, determining the amount of prime numbers preceding a considered value.

For instance, how many prime numbers precede the number 137?

I used the mathematical formula to discover the hidden message, based on the number 137, coming from the Second Pyramid. While Kheops and Menkaura Pyramid generated logical numeric values, closed to the first four prime numbers, the Khafre Pyramid gave, apparently, illogical results with no scientific connection with the others.

It looked like nonsense.

By applying the prime numbers function to the number 137, I got the following result: the number 33, (i.e. the numbers 11 and 3). Once again two prime numbers. Once again, the number 11 as a proportional number for the base, and the number 3 for the height.
The pyramids of Giza gave the following sequence: 3 – 5 – 7 – 11. The first four prime numbers were enclosed in the pyramid proportions; the number 11 as numeric constant for the base and then different values for the height (3 – Khafre Pyramid, 5 – Menkaura Pyramid, 7 – Kheops Pyramid).

In addition, the Khafre Pyramid expressed a value, at the same time, proportional and inversely proportional to itself!

Results also confirmed that the building had a twofold function: “from the bottom-up and from the top down”, “as above so below”.

Giza really was the mirror of the sky? And what was the number 137 purpose?

The number 137 has a very amazing meaning and it can range from modern science to Kabbalah, from archetypes numerology to Eastern philosophy, from smaller particles to the law of Universal Balance.

Leon Max Lederman is an American experimental physicist who received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1988. In his book, “The God Particle”, he writes:

“One hundred thirty-seven is the inverse of something called the fine-structure constant. This number is related to the probability that an electron will emit or absorb a photon. The fine-structure constant also answers to the name alpha, and it can be arrived at by taking the square of the charge of the electron divided by the speed of light times Planck’s constant. What all that verbiage means is that this one number, 137, contains the crux of electromagnetism (the electron), relativity (the velocity of light), and quantum theory (Planck’s constant). It would be less unsettling if the relationship between all these important concepts turned out to be one or three or maybe a multiple of pi. […]

This means that scientists on Mars, or on the fourteenth planet of the star Sirius, using whatever god-awful units they have for charge, speed, and their version of Planck’s constant, will also get 137. It is a pure number. (…) ”

Did the builders want to convey their scientific knowledge through the Pyramids proportions? Who built them? And why? Was their function connected to the number 137?

The God Number
Maybe, the last question can have a constructive answer in the esoteric and Kabbalistic meaning of the God Number.

In Kabbalah, the number 137 has the following numeric sequence:
100 or letter Quf or Kaf
2 or letter Beit or Beth
30 or letter Lamed
5 or letter Hey or Hè

Now, let us check the significance of each letter:
Quf or Kaf is the Hebrew letter having the archetypal meaning of “to go into”, “to enter”, “to cross”;
Beit or Beth is the Hebrew letter having the archetypal meaning of “the God House”;
Lamed is the Hebrew letter having the archetypal meaning of “Dimension”, “Measure”;
Hey or Hè is the Hebrew letter having the archetypal meaning of “Life”.
Thus, the Kabalistic meaning of the number 137 is “ To go into the God House of dimension of Life ”.

Here is one of the messages that the lost Civilization of the Pyramids want to convey. The message is written in the Second Pyramid’s proportions.

The above image refers to the Hebrew letters to write Kabbalah, but 137 too. That means that Kabballah and 137 have the same meaning. It is the number of the Revelation, i.e. “to receive” the Ancient Tradition of the Tree of Life, from Adam to us.

It is time to investigate the letters with corresponding numbers according to the esoteric meaning.

The number 100 is the square of 10. It has a particularly important consideration in the Pythagorean culture. It was considered a divine number because its connection with the number 10. It is “completeness”, the esoteric correlation between “one and zero”, i.e. the Universe Unity.

The number 2 means duality, the unity of opposite, which generates the triad. The Hebrew letter Beit is the God House, the universal matrix containing the Cup of Salvation. It is the Holy Grail containing the Blood of Christ.

The number 30 is the 3, following the number 2. Its purpose is the Life Cycle renewed: birth-death-rebirth. Number 3 is the geometrical number for tetrahedron, the base molecular structure, which is related to the God Name.

The number 5 is the last of the sequence. As an archetype it is the Letter “E”, symbolizing Life, handed down as the Tree from which Adam got the Knowledge Secret. It is the number of the Pentacle, of the Holy Geometry, forming the five-pointed Star. Originally, it was expression of Love, Femininity, and also matrix of the five basal elements of our dimension: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit, making up our life. It is also the letter V, connected to the Taurus Constellation as the Goddess Isis Revelation as Hator.

As shortly shown, number 137 has many scientific, Kabalistic and archetypal meanings. Nevertheless, what are the other prime numbers’ purpose? What is the implication of the numbers 7 and 11?

Number 7 properties are well known. In Kabbalah it is the letter Zain. Its purpose is eternity, transcending time. Do you remember the ancient Arab utterance concerning Pyramids and Time relationship? “Time is afraid of Pyramids”. Does the Pyramid’s function has a correlation with that hypothesis? Are the Great Pyramid Chambers the remains of ancient scientific process? Was the Second Pyramid, containing the number 137, part of the lost scientific process? Number 7 represents the Man in his Spiritual evolution, as Keter, the topmost of the Sephirot, the “crown” of the Spiritual Dimension.
Number 11 is a very exhaustive esoteric number. It is the one following number 10, the Aleph following Tau, the Beginning following the Fulfillment. The number 11 is Kaf, the Hebrew letter indicating the new Cosmic Cycle, “the Entrance into the Eternity”.
Our Ancestors told their history through particular numbers, by combining them with scientific functions. Over time, from their union, hermetic philosophies generated all around the world.

The Final Results
What is the result of my investigation into the Pyramids?

In my opinion, the Giza Plateau, with its mysterious and majestic buildings, seems to lead mankind to its origins, based on empirical correlation between science and faith, earth and heaven. We cannot yet assume that the pyramids were built by the Pharaoh’s workers around the fourth dynasty. The discovery of 137, hidden among the Second Pyramid’s proportions, is the evidence of complex scientific organization developed during the so-called Zep Tepi, the mythological Age of the Gods.

The number 137 is a new tile in my composite “Historical Time the Zep Tepi Theory”. This is another extremely significant step towards the aim of unveiling the origins of mankind. The next phase is going to begin. The new project of research has the Second Pyramid as target. The goal is to discover the possible existence of hidden and unexplored chambers in the upper region. Their possible existence may give more sense to the number 137.

It is a very difficult challenge, but the time has come.

2 thoughts on “Kabbalah me! :D I want to learn Kabbalah (GUT-CP, 1/137, alpha… sure I could find room for Ayahuasca and DMT as well)… the Pyramid of Khafre?”

  1. You know this stuff is cool. At least I know the stuff until the pyramids is (coz’ I couldn’t concentrate any longer after that). So are you studying physics or kabbala or both at the same time? Have you ever read any of Gerald Schroeders books?


    1. No I haven’t’ Eliza. I am looking at The Essence of Kabbalah (Brian L. Lancaster) and Magic & The Qabalah (W.E. BUTLER)… Magic of the Ordinary – Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism (Gershon Winkler)… pof course my first point of reference was 33 degree Freemason Manly P. Hall and The Secret Teachings of All Ages…
      Mark Passio etc.
      My Rabbi (who I haven’t seen in a number of years) is slightly cautious in regards to Kabballah… 😀

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