Why? YOU ASK WHY?… “We wage a war with no rules”

“By way of deception, thou shalt do war”

“We wage a war with no rules,
A snowstorm with no end.
We share a bottle with a foe,
Or get a bullet from a friend.”

The world sat back and watched us get slaughtered… 6 million of us murdered. If the Nazi Third Reich and the Catholic Church had had it’s way we would have been wiped from history… …. and people ask why? :’)
The world waged war over land and resources, whilst millions of us where murdered in God damn shower cubicles. It was financed and supported by people in the West, the U.S could have easily joined the other side, the Brits could have bombed the railway lines…

then at the end of it… the U.S invited all the scientists over for a fucking tea party. The European financiers took of their uniforms, put on their business suites and created the EU… and the Vatican carried on doing whatever it is the Vatican do best (noncing little boys?)

We where promised that land… maybe not by God, but by the God of the time, the British Empire…

It went right to the top in terms of ‘science’, in terms of developing nuclear weapons, and atomic physics (like I said the scientists who aided it went to either the U.S or Soviet Russia)

At the dawn of the 21st century, the greatest scientific discovery has been made… the greatest discovery since fire… the power of the stars is in humanities fingertips… do not ever ask ‘why’ again!

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