Ayahuasca, Consciousness, Dark Matter, Evolution, GUT-CP, Philosophy

GUT-CP, Ayahuasca, The Occult… consciousness at a molecular level? :/


“Unless you’ve drunk Ayahuasca… and even then, unless you truly understand how Ayahuasca can take your consciousness to both a molecular level and Universe level (At the same time)… YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO FECKING IDEA AS TO WHAT I’M TRYING TO ARTICULATE HERE! 😥 I’m still unsure as to whether I do…

Most individuals in the ‘psychedelic’ movement, most Westerners, drinking Ayahuasca are absolute fucking whoppers… (almost all are blindly in love with Quantum Mechanics)

And most physicists, cosmologists, chemists… and the few ‘scientific realists’ left out there (of which I consider myself to be one) are not going to like what I say about my ‘discovery’ and understanding of GUT-CP…

I’ve got ALOT of my knowledge of The Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Physics, of hydrino energy, of atomic structure, electron ‘orbitalities’, the Oscillating Universe… from tripping balls in the Amazon on Ayahuasca. 😀

And I grasped it soooooo fucking easy because of my understanding of The Occult and Natural Law.

Newton was a secret mystic! I’m sure many of the 20th centuries greatest minds where interested in exploring consciousness with psychedelic compounds… many read ancient mystic texts (Oppenheimer and The Bhagavad-Gita)…

I don’t know what I’m trying to say here… read The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby and Supernatural by Graham Hancock.
(the first time I read Supernatural I had never experienced Ayahuasca, or any other ‘psychedelic’… and I thought he had lost his fucking mind… I read it a second time after my first trip to the Amazon and EVERYTHING made sense… IT’S HIS MATERPIECE!)

Some readers know exactly what I’m talking about here!!! (A really select few!… most of them Israelis! :D)


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