Brilliant Light Power, Shakedown Testing and the Department Of Defence

“Department of Defence? Eight or nine high ranking CIA officers? Former CIA Chief Amb. James Woolsey? Morgan Stanley, Westinghouse, Lockheed Martin… it’s the greatest discovery in human history, ten time more explosive than TNT, an unlimited energy source worth trillions of dollars… … everybody knows!”

Shakedown testing of our inverted-pedestal-electrode reactor before our planned demonstration for DOD scientists next week.

Dept of Defense ? I hope this technology project doesn’t go classified and shut down to go non public…… Cant trust these damn elites.

Danny Hurley
You can always the trust the elites of this planet! :D… you can’t trust the ignorant stupid masses… this technology has NEVER been kept classified, the THEORY has never been hidden from the public, Mills has ALWAYS been open and public about his work… it’s just people CHOSE to ignore it for whatever reason
(blind belief in QM, fear of being academically ostracised, reading into online slander and misinformation, disbelief at such an amazing discovery)… if humanity loses this discovery it’s because they chose to lose it and hand it over to ‘the elites’

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