Can you solve the Shin Bet’s impossible puzzle?

Can you solve the Shin Bet’s impossible puzzle?

Shin Bet searches for experts in engineering and technology with online challenge. Thousands have attempted, none have succeeded.

The engineers and technologists who finished their day in the high-tech area of ​​Herzliya were surprised to discover the huge sign that read: “Israelneedsu.com – Are you good enough“.
Recently, a new technological challenge has been released online to recruit the best experts in technology for the Shin Bet.
Those who visit the website will find a challenge written by experts and engineers from the Shin Bet. The challenge consists of several stages and advanced technological fields, relating to the technological work of the organization.
The challenge emphasizes the connection between advanced technology and the intelligence-operational world of the Shin Bet.
Despite the tens of thousands of attempts that have been recorded since the publication of the challenge, no candidate has yet succeeded in solving all the stages of the puzzle.

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