Did we all watch The Little Drummer Girl?… gooooood! :D

Yeah it was the best thing the BBC have done in a few years… puts things into perspective didn’t it! Best not to say anything if some haven’t watched it yet…
(Charles Dance V Michael Shannon!)

All I’m saying is… if ‘someone’ was going to blow up a flight from Amsterdam to Manchester… using a laptop bomb… ‘Mother Of Satan’… it wasn’t going to be Israel now was it! (I C A different party orchestrating it)… and MI5 would have had to have had foreknowledge of it, been involved in planning, and subsequent damage control…
(the fact MI5 have completely lost the plot and created a national gang stalking cult out of desperation… pretty much confirms their culpability to some!)

If your going to blow up a flight MI5… do it from fucking Benidorm or somewhere shit please!



“The United Kingdom is losing it’s mind… and we’re reaping all the benefits!”

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