Morecambe to build an Eden Project?… best joke since my Peaches Geldof one! :D

“Apparently Peaches Geldof had joined a Satanic sex cult, but was complaining that she still hadn’t yet been invited to any interesting sex parties. Well… that changed when they brought her into the morgue” – Danny Hurley 2014 😀

Anyway… Morecambe thinks its going to get a multi-million pound, world class, international Eden Project! I HAVEN’T LAUGHED SO HARD IN YEARS!

Eden Project North plans revealed for Morecambe Bay in new images

Morecambe flexes its mussels: New Eden Project to be shaped like giant shells

“We get a lot of approaches from different places across the world,” said Mr Harland, who says Eden Project International is investigating other possible venues in China, South America and New Zealand.

Danny Hurley
Morecambe is the home to the worlds first openly satanic gang stalking cult! It is an absolute depraved little town, and will go down in 21st century as the UK town that turned ultra creepy satanic on its most famous resident (me)… DREAM ON MORECAMBE! The Eden Project know full well this isn’t going to happen, and Morecambe will NEVER attract any international investment, and will most definitely never attract the UK best and brightest minds (not least the worlds!)… most people in this town spell ’Super’ with an ’A’ (’Supa’)… we recommend an ice skating rink (more on their level)

Either that or bring back Noel Edmonds

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