Bio-nano technology… Nano-bio technology (fecking difference?)… The arms race of the 21st century, 1 in 20 chance of human extinction… Russia I’m looking in your direction here!

“I actually visited a Peruvian Amazonian shaman regarding this! 😀 Had to drink a number of plant medicines, purgatives… essentially jungle poisons that can potentially kill you if not administered properly and in correct doses, that make you violently sick and shit yourself for days on end… I didn’t really know who else to turn to with it! 😀
Most ‘Westerners’ go and use such medicines because they have a history of substance abuse, or eaten too much processed crap… I was like…
“I got sprayed with some kind of bio-nano technology. Do you have anything that may help get it out of my system?”

Right… it’s been almost fifteen months since the incident… my physical health is fine (considering I’ve done a bit of drinking and cigarette smoking since), I’ve had two blood tests done (testosterone, hormones, thyroid, blood count, genetic abnormalities, proteins… I pretty much DEMANDED to test for everything)… and I haven’t developed any tumours or cancers… soooooooo! :/

(I’ve been reliving every detail leading up to it, and what exactly happened… Moscow… THAT WAS YOU!)


1) It was administered by spray.
The operative (he was Russian) was wanting to get as close to me as possible, and touch me (shake my hand)… he managed to apply it quickly using an aerosol or spray of some kind.

2) It took at least thirty minutes to ‘develop’.
They knew exactly where I was going, by taxi, how long it would take… the technology took about thirty minutes to begin…

3) It was some kind of bio-nano technology.
The only way to describe it was hundreds of genetically bio engineered, ‘aphid’ like insects emerging from where the spray was applied (thirty minutes). They where fluorescent (activated and powered by sunlight?), they literally grew out of an odourless (I know, stupid idea) and colourless spray in a matter of seconds… tiny little fluorescent bio robots crawling all over me, my clothes, on my bag, inside of my bag, my change of clothes… and some of them where literally growing/forming into slightly larger aphid fly like insects (still bio luminescent/fluorescent) in a matter of seconds.

4) Bio luminescent, self replicating, bio nano robots… some of which developed into ‘aphid’ like winged insects.
Some people have highlighted the bioluminescent factor (activated and powered by solar light. It was daytime). Others have pointed out the strange natural characteristics of aphid insects (self replicating, virus carrying etc). DAPRA are experimenting with genetically engineered aphids

I know what was done, and how it was done… I just have no idea as to why and what these things do/did/done, and why Russia (could possibly be US DARPA) would hit me with it.

As far as I know the CIA tried to assassinate me days later, and Russian saved my arse… but I can only think the Russians hit me with this technology (in Kazakhstan, these agents had access to the hotel and local knowledge)
CRISPR gene editing? Global tracking? A biological experiment? Virus? I have no fucking idea!

Oh… erm… 5) not too sure how to phrase this, but… I think I may have had an up close and personal encounter with a flesh and blood ‘extra-terrestrial’ in the hotel restaurant being only days prior! 😀 DON’T LAUGH! This is serious, I’m considering every avenue here…

This is a rabbit hole I never thought I would have to go down, and there is shit loads of information on the subject (often quite terrifying)

Scientists: US Military Program Could Be Seen as Bioweapon

Learn How Aphids Can Quickly Overrun Your Garden

Nanoweapons may wipe out humanity before the end of the century, warns futurist

Mini-nukes and mosquito-like robot weapons being primed for future warfare

Human Extinction by Biotechnology and Nanotechnology

Terrifying insect-sized robots could render humanity EXTINCT ‘by the end of this century’, expert warns

Russia… looking in your direction here!







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