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Randell Mills could pave the way for intergalactic travel! (gravity and electromagnetism, ‘pseudo- electrons’, ‘the fifth force’… the BEGINNING of anti-gravity )

“It’s only the beginnings of anti-gravity technology… anti-gravity in it’s infancy… Mills has spent twenty years almost single headedly developing a brand new energy source, with almost no help from mainstream science…  but the theory for anti-gravity is there! It’s waiting to be developed… to be deployed!  😀
He has an unlimited energy source from the hydrogen atom, he has vast unknown compounds and materials with unknown properties yet to be fully understood and tested… and he has the beginnings of anti-gravity… … if you aren’t unbelievably turned on right now you must an absolute f*****g… Klingon!”

“Oh and he has his theories on Artificial Intelligence also! BOOM!”

“That is the logo it would have to have! And the first of the fleet would have to be named The Starship Mills! 😀 The second would be The Starship Holverstott”… “The Starship Woolsey?”… “Well that’s up to him innit!” ;D

Apparatus and method for providing an antigravitational force (1995)
A method for producing an antigravitational force comprises an electron source (100) including electrons (113), an electron guide (109) for forming the electrons (113) to be negative curvature; the gravitation body (113) is comprised of matter of positive curvature where opposite curvatures provide a mutually repulsive antigravitational force. The electrons (113) are given negative curvature of an electron beam (113) from atoms such that negatively curved electrons (113) emerge. The emerging beam of negatively curved electrons (113) experience an antigravitational force. The antigravitational force of the electron beam (113) is transferred to a negative charged plate (121)

Fifth-force apparatus and method for propulsion (2007)
B64G1/00 Cosmonautic vehicles
B64G1/22 Parts of, or equipment specially adapted for fitting in or to, cosmonautic vehicles
B64G1/40 Arrangements or adaptations of propulsion systems
B64G1/409 Unconventional spacecraft propulsion systems
BE IT KNOWN THAT Randell Lee Mills, a citizen of the United States of America and resident of Princeton, New Jersey has invented a certain new and useful improvement in FIFTH-FORCE APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROPULSION of which the following is a specification:
BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention:
This invention relates to methods and apparatus for providing propulsion, in particular methods and apparatus for providing propulsion using a scattered electron beam at specific energies to create a fifth force on said electrons.

Oct 22, 2007
A method and means to produce a force for propulsion comprises a source of electrons and a means to produce hyperbolic electrons; whereas, a gravitating body such as the Earth provides a repulsive fifth force on the hyperbolic electrons. Hyperbolic electrons are produced by elastically scattering the electrons of an electron beam from atoms or molecules at specific energies. The emerging beam of hyperbolic electrons experiences a fifth force away from the Earth, and the beam moves upward (away from the Earth). To use this invention for propulsion, the repulsive fifth force on the hyperbolic-electron beam is transferred to a negatively charged plate. The Coulombic repulsion between the beam of hyperbolic electrons and the negatively charged plate causes the plate (and anything connected to the plate) to lift. The craft may additionally gain angular momentum from the fifth force along an axis defined by the gravitational force, and the craft may be tilted to move the vector away from the axis such that a component of acceleration tangential to the surface of a gravitating body is achieved via conservation of the angular momentum.


NOTE: This is only a theory, and has yet to be tested. The foundations for future research have been laid by Mills’ GUT-CP, but as of yet Randell Mills has concentrated specifically on hydrino research. He’s saved the planet with hydrino energy, and laid the foundation for future intergalactic explorers… 😀

I shall return to update this post, but in short Mills has a theory of harnessing ‘the fifth force’. His theory has from the beginning talked about the connection between gravity and electromagnetism, and he theorises that a ‘pseudo-electron’ could be created that will repel gravitational forces. In 2015, Mills performed an experiment indicating the existence of ‘pseudo-electrons’ at precisely the energies predicted. Mills calculations derived the strength of ‘the fifth force’ to be around one trillion times than Earth’s gravity.

Photos from 2006 (SIGNED!) edition of The Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Quantum Mechanics (Blacklight Power)The title is now The Grand Unified Theory Classical Physics (Brilliant Light Power), and a free updated version can be download at

Randell Mills and The Search for Hydrino Energy (Brett Holverstott)

Chapter 35. The Fifth Force
Page 1557

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