2 thoughts on “DNA visualisation using Millsian… the future of molecular modelling?(Genetics, pharmaceuticals, neuroscience… psychedelics! :D)”

    1. The last mainstream reports I’m aware of where on CNN in Jan 2017, and a report on Fresno NBC and CBS in Feb 2017 (televised)… the latter discussed going to market by possibly next spring (farms etc.)… obviously this hasn’t yet transpired.
      I would recommend their website BrilliantLightPower.com for any news and updates… media contact.

      The problem I believe is, it is a single company, which has fought tooth and nail (and still is) to have its underlying theory accepted. It’s having to almost single handedly develop and commercialise a REVOLUTIONARY energy source… something that will, let’s be honest, piss a shit load of people off (in business as well as science)… it seems to me there’s hurdles for them every step of the way, which their solving, but not many are willing to help.
      From what Ive read and know (I am not connected or affiliated to the company in any way)… I think it may be another two/three years before the SunCell is being deployed (big industry)… and I hope once it is it rapidly spreads like wild fire! Globally!


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