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Brilliant Light Power’s December 16th, 2016 London, UK Roadshow (OI! ‘GREAT’ BRITAIN!)

“Well, Professor Brian Cocks should go back to playing the fucking keyboard then!… NO I’M NOT PLAYING D-REAM!… going with The Clash thankyou very fucking much.”

Note to reader. Please kindly ignore this rant if you are not British.
(well? :/ Please read, but this post is only aimed directly at the British!)
I don’t wish to make this into a political or nationalistic thing… but seriously ‘Great’ Britain! :/ What the fuck? Today I started re-reading Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy (Brett Holverstott), and Genius Inventor – The controversy about the work of Randell Mills, America’s Newton in historical and contemporary context (Thomas E. Stolper)… in a few weeks I am going to attempt to read The Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Physics for the first time (which some are comparing to Sir Isaac Newtons ‘The Principia’)
I was born British, I wanted to serve my country and yet some question my loyalty?… I QUESTION YOUR STUPIDITY! Where is everyone on this truly monumental and ground breaking discovery? Oxford? Cambridge?… Saint Andrews? :/ BBC? MI6? (I have to say it!) The Guardian? The British scientific establishment? Scientific publications? The British entrepreneurs willing to take a risk?… the Great British philosophers and inventors that once helped make these tiny isles the mighty empire that ruled one quarter of the world?
I started the “British ‘Hydrino’ Physics Study Group”, we have twelve members, and only one of those really understands the historical importance of Mills and GUT-CP (and he’s hardly British!)
My readership is from US, Venezuela, Poland, Italy, Luxemburg, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, India… my first two visitors where from Israel 😉 … honestly Britain!

and I understand some people in the financial City Of London are going to be slightly worried at the talk of ‘hydrinodollars‘, but hey a lot of people stand to lose… Russia, China, Saudis, BP!… just get with the programme team GB!

“Are you drunk?”
“Noooooo! Just Royally pissed off at the seeming lack of interest from this once great nation!”

Brilliant Light Power presented its DC Roadshow event in London, UK on December 16th. The company presented the time line from inception and pivotal breakthroughs that were essential to the development of the SunCell, the SunCell® commercial prototype design, SunCell® commercialization timetable and Go-To-Market strategy to an audience of partners, customers and suppliers.

“What a fucking useless knob clown this one is… seems his taste in music is about as good as his theoretical physics… He’ll get a bloody Knighthood next!… You watch!”

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