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BOOK – ‘Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy’ – Brett Holverstott


If anyone is new to this story, to the work of Randell Mills, maybe unfamiliar or layman in regards to physics (I’m no physicist by trade!), I highly recommend the book ‘Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy’ by Brett Holverstott.

As quickly as possible, because I’ve noticed the price is increasing (currently priced at $200, I bought two copies for $20 each?). Regardless, this is the best book to start off with the subject. Brett Holverstott is a former student of Mills, who has authored an easy to read, easy to grasp account of the story of Mills, and a simplified detail of the science and theories involved, making it accessible to anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of science, technology, history…
Holverstott also has a superb blog to accompany the title at…
This blog details the discovery, summarises the ‘Unified theory’, and attempts to explain how such a monumental and validated discovery is still on the fringe of mainstream science… essentially explaining just how and when 20th century physicists made the mistakes that led to todays conundrum of ‘Quantum Mechanics’. As a former student of Mills, he is one of the few who took the academic risk of actually reading his into work, but was rewarded with not only knowing him personally, but working first hand with possibly the greatest mind of age.
Highly recommended! (and as noted, the price seems to going up!)

Holverstott has also given a superb lecture in Seattle on the subject, in Nov 2016…

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